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Happy Birthday Rachel!!!


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well....i'm technically an hour & 38 minutes late but this is the first time i've been able to get on the computer since thursday night as i seem to either be fighting a GI bug or a nasty flare-up of my "normal" GI-issues. that's my excuse at least :( .

but....i'm hoping that you had a great day of celebrating, that your health/ body cooperated as much as possible for your special day, that your boys spoiled you a bit & that you felt as surrounded by love & friendship as you truly are.

thanks for all you do on DINET & for the wonderful friend you are. i know that i am thankful to have you in my life & am certain that many others feel the same.

happy birthday!

:o melissa

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Thanks so much for the birthday wishes!

I had a very nice birthday. Everything went at my own pace, and we just had a fun day. I slept in until about noon. In the afternoon Will pushed me around the mall so that I could see the Christmas decorations, and then we had lunch at Red Robin. I could only eat 1/4 of my burger, but those few bites were great! I had to skip supper to fit cake in my tummy, but it was so worth it!

We had a relaxing evening at home watching a movie, and William had fun playing with my balloons from Red Robin. It was a good day. I like birthdays. :)


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Hi Rachel,

happy belated birthday!!

I'm going to blame my tiny netbook computer (I can only see the top half of the webpage so I missed seeing the birthdays at the bottom of the page) - pathetic excuse I know!

Glad you had a lovely day, make sure you keep remembering it so you can enjoy it over again!

flop x

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Hey Rachel,

I just noticed this post and thought I'd chime in with a belated Happy Birthday as well! I'm so glad you live nearby now! I appreciate you so much!!


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I just noticed these birthdays (folks rarely talk off topic here and I wish this stuff was on the front page boards)

Hope it was a good one Rachel. thanks for all you do here.

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