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Vitreous floaters

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Does anyone else get bad vitreous floaters? I started getting them when i first started to get slight symptoms. When my symptoms went into overload they got so bad that it was like looking through a curtain. The eye doctor was confused by them - they are normal, but mine were like what youd expect with someone with glaucoma - which incidently brings me to my next point.

Since my symptoms started my eye pressure has gone from 16 to 19 (normal between 10 and 20). which is strange as well.

Can anyone else relate?

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I noticed my floaters, especially in my left eye about two years ago before my sypmtoms started. I have always had perfect eyesight and I knew these floaters didn't just appear out of thin air without a reason, but i could never figure out why. I was just recently dxd with POTS and never knew there might be some kind of link between dysautonomia symptoms and vitreous floaters until I started seeing several posts on this forum about them. I don't know if it's coincidince or not but many of us seem to have the floaters. I've gotten used to mine and it's just one more thing I have to "live with!" :)

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Yes, I've also dealt with these!

Also, one of the very first symptoms I dealt with was "eye pressure" -- my eyes just felt very full and uncomfortable. I went to an opthamologist and he said everything seemed fine. It sure was weird though! Has anyone else experienced this?

What odd symptoms we deal with!


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