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I took Provigal for a couple of weeks because I was experiencing extreme dibilitating fatigue. It helped me tremendously during the short time I took it -- but I wasn't diagnosed with narcolepsy. (Long story, other meds I was taking was causing me to not get any REM sleep so I wasn't getting any restorative sleep).

Have you gotten any sleep studies done? For me, Provigal was used as a "last resort" type of thing because it can be easily abused. I was only on it for a month before I got my REM sleep figured out and I was able to stay awake.

Hope this helps! Feel free to message me if you have any more questions!


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Thank you for your response. Yes, I did have a sleep study that was borderline- like EVERY other test of mine!!! The dr that wrote the report put a few notes for my dr to check for narcolepsy and also maybe try provigal. My specialist decided to send me to the dr that wrote the report as he deals with really strange things. I believe that my sleep problems are probably because of the POTS... it takes me about an hour to hour and a 1/2 to get to sleep at night- i read/ watch tv till I cant keep my eyes open- turn out the light, and 3 mins later im 'AWAKE' my brain is going in a million directions, I also was waking in the middle of the night..... for the past 6 months I have been takin 5 mg of melatonin- it helps me a bit, at least when I get to the point of being so so tired, I turn out the light, and fall asleep. Of course during the day, even with 8hr + sleep, I am exhausted- have a hard time doing a 1/2 days work, and take naps.... I dont believe i have narcolepsy either, but I know that they give the provigal for that..... I would love if something would help my energy level!! Thanks!

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I just started Provigil (200mg) yesterday. My Neuro wanted me to take it to increase my energy so I can do laying-down exercise of the legs, and my 5 minute walk per day, plus to stay up and active as much as I can (do things I want, like playing the acoustic guitar, watching movies in the theater, and going out to dinner... so I'm not getting cabin fever or depressed). Also used to help me with my sudden, random, severe urges to fall asleep during the day - especially when I'm trying to read. I get those strong urges all throughout the day, and I always get a (tension-like) headache trying to resist it.

I usually take it when I wake up (6-7am), then I'm wired for about 5-6 hours, and then usually get a strong urge to fall asleep (with a nasty headache if I resist it) after about 6-7 hours of taking it. It'll ease up a bit for the rest of the afternoon, occasionally waxing and waning, until I sleep at about 11pm.

It has been quite effective at keeping me up and about in the morning, so far. Even breaks through my usual 1-2 hours of groginess/sleepiness if I take it right away after waking.

As far as side effects - I've only noticed two. It makes me jittery and restless (I can resist/suppress this urge, usually), and it also significantly increases my chances of having incredibly painful Atrial Tachycardia's with Aberrant Conduction (Usually have 1-2 per day, but now having countless amounts - probably around 20 or more a day... atleast one or two an hour).

This is still the best medication I've ever tried, hands down, second only to the Beta Blocker I use. It's completely taken away my fatigue and sleepiness for half the day, and the other half is still better than without the medication. Even takes away the sleepiness I get from the beta blockers.

Best wishes,


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I take provigil and it works great for me. There are days I am sooo tired i would not be able to function w/out it. I do build up a tolerance to it rather quickly so I take it only occasionally (for the really bad days).

Side effect for me is sore/hoarse throat, but it is tolerable given how it helps me.

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Hi Jess,

I have used Provigil, and it was helpful for me. I don't have narcolepsy, but I do have other sleep disorders. I don't have the "right" sleep disorder to qualify for insurance coverage of the med, but my doctor has prescribed it for me.

Provigil helps me to have more energy during the day. I can't tolerate more than 100mg, though, or I have a harder time sleeping at night.

There was just recently a topic on this if you want to check it out. You can find it here.


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