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    Napping with my puppy, skipping rocks, rainy mornings, soccer!, poetry, snow, photography, anything outdoors, yoga, traveling, hiking, Prague, skipping, hugs! giggling, coloring, cameras, people watching, writing, best friends, alles Deutschland, running, hand-written letters, nature, flip flops, hockey, stickers, rock climbing, cartwheeling, Ireland, reading, laughing really really loudly, Ian, climbing trees, dorky crafting stuff, words, inventing new words, smorfigdagin, snuggling, spontaneity, getting second winds at 11:30 PM and dancing and singing for a good hour and a half, aminals, Avalanche hockey and open windows.
  1. Thanks so much for the response guys -- I had another short bout of that today and it's just really disconcerting because I'm not entirely sure what's going on. It makes sense tho, with the ANS controlling digestion, that sometimes my body just might have trouble with stuff. In addition, I live in a climate where it's freezing one day and then 70+ degrees the next, so maybe my body is having trouble adjusting to the temp fluctuations. Thanks again all, this certainly helps ease some concerns for the time being. I'll be sure to read up some more on everything! Be well! Sarah
  2. Hey All, Lately, every few weeks or so, I get moments where I feel incredibly queasy and either throw up a number of times or dry heave. Fairly soon afterwards, I feel OK -- so it doesn't seem like a stomach bug or anything. But I feel awful before, during, and after. This is all new to me and I wanted to see if this is POTS related or if anyone else experiences this? Thanks all, be well.
  3. 800+ members everyone! Keep it going! And Ramakentesh, I have those crashes everyday. I've been taking ginseng consistently but I haven't seen any major difference unfortunately. Guess I have to just keep trying!
  4. Hi All! Thanks for all the responses, information, and encouragement! You guys are wonderful!!! xoxo, Sarah
  5. Hey all! The past 3 or 4 days I've been having some heart pains on and off. I guess not really pains, but a bit of discomfort. And little twinges every now and again, like the muscles in my heart are stretching or something like that. Do any of you get this? I just figured it was a symptom of POTS, but since it's been going on for a couple days I wanted to double check! Thanks! Sarah
  6. Hey Everyone, I know this is an uncomfortable subject, and one I can't find information on anywhere due either to a) not being related to one another or the silence of a disease like anorexia, bulimia, EDNOS, etc. I am currently fully recovered from anorexia after about a 12 year-long battle. Lots and LOTS of work. But I'm pretty certain that the damage I did to my body during that time is what caused me to develop POTS. I know many people develop it due to pregnancy, the flu, etc. But I was wondering if anyone else has had to deal with an eating disorder and thinks that might be the reason it came around? I think there could be a possible link -- and something else that should be made known regarding eating disorders. Ok, thanks all! Take care!!! Sarah
  7. We're above 400 members everyone! This is great!!!
  8. We're almost at 350 members everyone! This is incredible! Thank you all for your help!!!
  9. Effexor caused me to not have any REM sleep for an entire year. In addition, it was the only anti-depressant that I've had difficulty coming off of. The withdrawl was horrible (whenever I moved my head it sounded, and felt like, sheet metal being hit with a hammer). I, personally, will never touch it again.
  10. Its always hard to tell because they never seem to be able to do anything. And then I just feel dumb. But I've been having palpitation, fluttering heart with trouble breathing?
  11. I drink G2, but now I'm concerned that it's bad for me? It does help me, but I don't want to overload on sugar. And where does one get this magical coconut juice?!
  12. Hi all! So, my doc and I have been working on getting me up and about. I've steadily been improving, but I'm still having terrible trouble right after getting up. I know this is pretty common, but do we know why? Its just gotten really irritating, because it feels like my day doesn't start until I'm done napping, which sometimes lasts hours. Are there any suggestions or things that have helped? Sleeping with your head propped on some pillows? Wearing compression hoses to bed? Any insight into what exactly causes the "crash" after waking, and things that could help, would be much appreciated! Be well everyone! Sarah
  13. We're almost at 200 members! This is great everyone! Thanks! http://apps.facebook.com/causes/126993?m=b...iter_id=2541827
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