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  1. I too deal with brain fog. Typically after an "event" it is the worst. I use cerefolin nac (Dr Grubb recommended) - also use l-methlyfolate, methylcobalamin, and n-acetyl-cysteine (as substitue for cerefolin nac) because the rx is very expensive and my insurance doesn't cover. Thought earlier this year I was coming down with RA - every joint hurt so bad in the morning. Felt like crumpled spider getting out of bed in the morning. Had a friend recommend removing gluten from my diet and i feel SO MUCH BETTER! Helps with the brain fog too. Hope this helps and best wishes.
  2. worth the wait for Beverly or Dr. Grubb. +1 Excellent.
  3. +1 I've seen both Beverly and Dr. Grubb. They are fantastic. What an education. My doc learned of some treatment options from Dr Grubb and after mcuh success, went to Toledo. They are the best.
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