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  1. I too deal with brain fog. Typically after an "event" it is the worst. I use cerefolin nac (Dr Grubb recommended) - also use l-methlyfolate, methylcobalamin, and n-acetyl-cysteine (as substitue for cerefolin nac) because the rx is very expensive and my insurance doesn't cover. Thought earlier this year I was coming down with RA - every joint hurt so bad in the morning. Felt like crumpled spider getting out of bed in the morning. Had a friend recommend removing gluten from my diet and i feel SO MUCH BETTER! Helps with the brain fog too. Hope this helps and best wishes.
  2. worth the wait for Beverly or Dr. Grubb. +1 Excellent.
  3. +1 I've seen both Beverly and Dr. Grubb. They are fantastic. What an education. My doc learned of some treatment options from Dr Grubb and after mcuh success, went to Toledo. They are the best.
  4. Amen Tammy! I know there are many (including folks associated w/ this board) that are attempting just that. A wonderful mom who has a son very sick w/ POTS even wrote a letter to President Bush about this. It is difficult for everyone w/ the illness because we hesitate to schedule dinner w/ someone b'cause we may be too sick/tired to follow thru!
  5. Dr Grubb suggessted swimming for 20 minutes 3x a week. I tried 20 minutes and that just wiped me out for 2 days. I'm slowly working up to 20 minutes!!
  6. I havent had the increased heart-rate, though the jitters, nervousness, and being "on-edge" keep me from taking it except on really bad days. (actually, lately I've just been using provigil). I highly recommend the provigil in that other than yucky metallic taste, headache, and sore-throat, it actually puts me in a good mood and takes away the cotton-for-brains (as long as I dont take it too often)... Hope this helps. Peace, Dave
  7. I too have tried Ritalin for fatigue, moved to adderall. Works well, but as someone above said, the "crash" is very hard. I found that I get pretty aggressive and on-edge but it does help the very bad days. I prefer provigil over it though.
  8. Sorry about the fatigue. That to me is the worst part of this. Always to tired to do things... Two drugs that have helped alot: 1) Welbutrin 2) Provigil (short term band-aid) - Great stuff, but my body builds up tolerance quickly. So I save it for the very bad days... As others have said: hydration, salt, lots of rest - good advice. Best regards. Peace
  9. I think so! I have mysterious painful foot, ankle, knee and hip and shoulder pain. It seems to be more cyclical than constant however...
  10. I have not met Beverly but have heard great things about her. I am most impressed with the compassion, care, and treatment from Dr. Blair's office. I wish you the best and hope your experience is a great one and that you get lots of help.
  11. I take provigil and it works great for me. There are days I am sooo tired i would not be able to function w/out it. I do build up a tolerance to it rather quickly so I take it only occasionally (for the really bad days). Side effect for me is sore/hoarse throat, but it is tolerable given how it helps me.
  12. My PCP is an internal medicine dr. He manages my care and is a fabulous doc. (doesn't think or imply that i'm a nut case!)
  13. I have found provigil to be VERY helpful. Definitely helps with the brain fog.
  14. I have used xanax for a couple years for sleep. Almost every night when I was on SSRI's. My doc said as long as i didn't take more than once per day, wouldn't have addiction problem. I have gone two weeks w/ out xanax and dont miss it (when I dont need it). It also comes in handy for those days were anxiety is a problem. My pri doc feels it is safer daily than say ambien.
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