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Denied Health Insurance AGAIN...


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I was denied health insurance AGAIN and I am going to appeal the decision by right. I am looking for reputable information that states that many POTS patients have a good outlook and am hoping to find evidence supporting that post viral patients have a great prognosis, with a complete recovery within 5 years in many cases.

I can only hope this is my case, since I've improved so much over the last 3 years. My doc has always thought that my POTS was caused from a virus, and it states that in my medical records, so I wanted to send some supporting documentation with my appeal form.

I appreciate ANY info you all can provide and wish me luck this time!! I've been without insurance for almost a year and it's been tough financially and physically because I can't get good treatment.

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You should probably look through the links section of DINET


and the research section also


for the information you need.

Nina :)

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If you have been denied health insurance or can not afford it (which is my situation), check with your state agencies. They have various programs and will work to make sure you are covered. It only took me 30 days to receive 100% coverage (medical, dental, vision). I know in Ohio....I had to go through the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services.

Hope this helps!


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