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:blink: so i got this ssdi thing in the mail today called ticket to work. has anyone else received this? it sounds kinda weird to me. they say it's voluntary and they won't check your med status as long as you are in it, but the whole purpose is to get you off ssdi. so if you can't work, do you get targeted. i don't get it. :ph34r: morgan
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I've been thru the process. Basicly they want you to get off SSDI, so the offer classes and other education opportunities. I took typing classes and some basic office type stuff in order to go to my local college and get training for medical office/med tech training. I only found out later that "in my own best interest, it was not a good idea for me to attend calsses as I may faint and cause harm to myself."

What a joke!!! :) Like I have let my fear of fainting or falling down stop my on doing all the other stuff I do now.

If you feel you would get any real help from the program, give it a try.

Good luck, Blackwolf

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