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cold baths


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Although my symptoms are usually manageable they can be a right pain. I have recently found that if I sit in a cold bath my symptoms disappear ad everything returns to normal. Now, of course you cant sit in a cold bath everyday but as the vasoconstriction of the blood vessels in my legs that is achieved through a cold bath helps so much, I was wondering if anyone knows if support tights would help. Alternatively, is there any medication that can achieve the same results as sitting in the bath?


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Welcome, Osgerbic.

This site is a life line for many here. If your looking for what helps, check out our what helps link on the front page. I'm a little curious, what's your dx(diagnosis). I have POTS(postural orthosatic tachacardia syn), fiblromyalgia, and chronic fatuge syndrom.

As to support stockings, I wouldn't live without them. There is a link for brightlife on the what helps page, they carry a large group of knee-high, thigh-high, ect. I don't go anywhere without mine. You might want to talk with your Doc about the amount of pressure you need for the best results.

As to medication, that would be up to your Doc and you. Many of us on this site have trouble with drugs and complications. Again, welcome and good luck in getting the help you need.


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I am new also, and I have yet to take a cold bath, as I have fibromyalgia also, and cant imagine how much that would make me ache. I do use thigh high support hose also. I think they have helped so much. Sure beats a chilly bath. Glad you are here, hope we both benafit and get to know others. Best of luck,

Richland Acres

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Although I have not been diagnosed with anything yet ( I think my doctor still thinks I am a loon) I will second the cool bath helping, when I get lightheaded and spaced out, I will soak for an hour or so in a nice cool tub of water and that does wonders.

This is my first post here and I have to say I have learned more in one week after finding a group on Yahoo, seeing this site mentioned there and reading all the info here, than I have in the last 5 or so years I have dealt with these dizzy spells that have made my life far from normal.

Thanks in advance for all the help!!!!!

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