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I Received My Medical Records!


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I was excited to return home today to find my long-awaited medical records in the mail, yay!! My last letter apparently got through. I can now proceed with seeing a new doctor and I am excited...but I was sifting through some of the papers and I had a question about the EBV titer...my EBV IGG antibody test came back at 3.55 (anything over 1.09 is considered to be elevated), but my IGN anitbody was normal. I was wondering what this meant...is that the inactive form of the virus, for those of you who know something about EBV??

One more question about a blood test that was taken last year...it has a few things listed such as hemoglobin, hematocrit, and then this one line that says "%NE" which was elevated at 67.2does anyone know what that means? I was never notified so I'm assuming it wasn't important.

Anyhow just had those few questions and otherwise I am very happy to have my records finally :P

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