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Black Spaniel best medication yet


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Dear All

I have to share something with you. When I got so ill this year my husband felt really sorry for me. I was a month in bed and he got me a puppy. She is a black spaniel and the best medication I have ever had. The first week in bed she just slept in my arms and we bounded. But after that she went full steam ahead. She wakes me up in the mornings with the most wonderful pulls, tugs and flea bits. And she does not understand Mommy is sick wait a while. In the mornings I pray just to get strength to drink my tea and eat breakfast. Now days Jasmine keeps me so busy in the morning loving me play and attacking her teddy bears.

We are made for each other. She was rescued from a horrible home. In the beginning she was terrified and it took a long time to convince her that we were not going to beat her like her first owners. I got her with fleas, bladder infection, skin rash, food allergies and very afraid. She was horrible underweight and the vet says I am luck she survived. The first time I gave her food and water she did not know what it was and could not get enough in. My husband wanted to know at a stage who is seeing the doctor more, her or me.

Jasmine is a beautiful healthy loved dog now and the best medication I have ever received. She has a major attitude and spoilt rotten. I must mention I bought her, her own swimming pool because she won’t stop swimming in her water bowl in my dinning room. My husband can hear me laughing in the morning and talking to Jasmine compared to silence of before. You should see my house there are toys everywhere, my husband and I are very neat and clean people and Jasmine is not I don’t think I will ever have a clean kitchen floor again. But it is FANTASTIC AND WORTH IT.

I would recommend a dog for anyone like us. My dog does not leave me alone for a minute. She loves me and gets me through horrible times.


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Congratulations on your new puppy. It's like having a baby in the house. I, too, just got a puppy about 1 1/2 years ago, a chihuahua. She was only 3 pounds at the time. She has grown into 5 pounds, her adult weight. She is definitely constant entertainment, and loves to love you. She and I take walks together around the neighborhood and everyone recognizes my doggie. I also have a geriatric (old) buff colored cocker spaniel who has the sweetest most loving and wonderful personality that a dog can have. I also have 3 cats who think I'm the "cat's meow". All in all they all look to me as their mama and keep me from getting to into myself and my infirmities. Again, congratulations! I sure your new baby thinks you're just fine the way you are and will love you no matter what.

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Hello Ling, I sure can understand what you're saying. While cats don't tend to always be as lovey as dogs, my two cats have helped to keep me smiling when things have been very rough. My oldest cat is now 14--she likes to sleep just above my head--and purrs if I just talk to her. Sometimes, she'll crawl onto my back (I sleep on my belly) and sleep there or just purr.

The other one is a lilttle younger and more energetic--but also was the one who sat on my lap for the months I was home recouperating from my spinal surgeries. Made me not feel so lonely when I spent my days housebound--and giggling when they did silly stuff. My elderly kitty thinks she's a dog sometimes, playing fetch and chasing her tail. Isn't it nice to have unconditionaly affection like that you get from a pet?

I'm so happy for you that you have something so positive in your life. Thanks for sharing your happiness with all of us.

Nina ;)

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It's so true that animals really can be healing during tough times. Their positive attitudes are unchanging, and their love is constant and unconditional. I grew up with a golden retriever who saw me through all of my childhood trials and tribulations- I am visiting my parents in Florida this week and have gotten to see him, which has been fun! They are a lot like children- little miracles, little gifts that remind us of the simple pleasures in life. We have no pets at my home, but I have to say that when my little Ethan baby is crawling all over me giggling in the morning, it really makes life worth living. I'm glad you have found something that makes you feel a bit better. It's the small things that we have to focus on sometimes to get through day by day.

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I have a dog and two kitties. India my pomeranian---and Maxine & Samantha. Maxine is 15--Samantha 9---and India 4. Since maxine is the oldest---she has given me tons of support over the years---not just for illness, but emotional hard times as well.

Samantha is a joy---and has quite a personality. She is very playful---and plays a lot with India. She even weighs more then India at 8 pds. Maxine is 15 pounds! They are all such good girls---except Maxine is having some difficulty lately with confusing throw rugs with the litter box. We had to move their littler boxes around when I was having a bathroom added to my basement---what a mess that was.

I think she might be getting back on track now. My dog India was a major comfort when I was bed ridden---always staying near me----she knew something was wrong. They say pomeranians are good pets for the sick---as they were bread for that very purpose for the queen centuries ago. They were bread down from the Spits sled dogs which weighed around 70 pounds. My brother had a hard time believing that my little ankle biter came from a dog that size.

My other brother Joe and his wife had little queenie---at 3 1/2 pounds----India's sister. As a joke we were going to tie little sleds to them and take them for a visit to my brother Mike. We never did---LOL. India still tries to pull me like a sled dog---but at 7.5 pound she won't get to far---it's so funny---she must get exausted on our walk. Sometimes I have to sleep on the couch so my husband can get sleep. I toss and turn a lot due to this stupid neck of mine-----and India sleeps above my head on a stack of pillows---sort of like a little watch tower---looking over things. She's so smart---knows all kinds of tricks, and loves to play by fetching her toys. Animals give such joy---don't they.

Julie :0)

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