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Zoloft and heart arrythmias


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How long have you been taking Zoloft? It took me 6-8 weeks to adjust to Prozac and during that time most of my POTS symptoms were markedly worse, including ectopic heart beats. I also had diarrhea, nausea, shakiness, bad anxiety, exhaustion. I stuck with it only b/c I really trusted my specialist and he kept re-assuring me that it was very likely to get better and the SSRI would start helping me to recover. He was right, but I still remember those first weeks as being awful.


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I was on Zoloft for eight years and never had much of a problem. There were times of stress in my life when I would get PVCs, but I don't think it had anything to do with Zoloft. I would ask for a Holter if the erratic heartbeats don't resolve after 8-10 weeks of being on the drug. During these first 8-10 weeks, I think your body is just getting used to the chemical shifts the drug is causing, so if it's drug-related it should resolve by then.

Good luck, and try to relax.


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I've been on zoloft for years. I don't specifically remember any problems with irregular heartbeats, but I know I had a very difficult adjustment period. It took me about 3 months before I felt "normal" again. (before that I felt very spacey and tired) But I was feeling pretty low, so I stuck with it, and it did help me feel better eventually.

My advice to anyone trying an antidepressant is that only you know what you can tolerate. Go slow, and if it gets to be too much talk to the doctor about trying something else. While it helps some, it's not an answer for everyone unfortunately.


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They actually prescribed Zoloft to my wife for her heart, not depression. I can't remember the exact reasoning behind it now. At the time we didn't know why, but either Dr. Feely or Dr. Wood explained (both Mayo) explained it. Didn't retain the info because she isn't on it any more.

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