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  1. I have been to the Mayo Clinic and have EDS dysautonomia and MCAS. The brain fog is completely debilitating and I can’t work most days. I am exhausted all the time. My friend gave me two 15 mg Adderall to try at my request. I wanted to try it before asking my dr for it in case it didn’t work. I’m already on 6 meds. It was a tremendous improvement. I only took 1/2 tablet on four different days when I would be doing completely different things to test its efficacy It worked in every case. I could stand and be active longer. The brain fog was considerably helped. Even my mood was great but perhaps that’s bc I wasn’t in bed all day. Haha. My heart was ok with it which surprised me but I am on 50 mg of metoprolol. Going to ask my GP for it but I am afraid he will not believe me. I have tried so many things over the past 20 Year’s.
  2. I have chronic progressive dysautonomia, EDS and MCAS which I have learned are great friends. Anecdotally I found that a 50 mg tramadol will get me through an entire work day. Not bc it helps with pain, although it does mask my flu like aches, but bc it somehow helps my mood, energy level and ability to stay upright and even stay warm. It’s crazy and I was just searching to find if anyone else feels that way. I am only working every other day and only take it if I work. Then I rest a day. I would only pull 3 hours off at my job without it
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