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  1. I just started working out in the mornings and I'm wondering if Im working my body too much. My main concern is taking a 20mg IR adderall and lifting weights. I mean, I felt great working out. I actually didn't experience palpitations, just fast heart beat, but it beats fast all the time, so no difference there. I come home, take a shower, and I start to feel crappy again. After this ill have a black cup of coffee and Ill feel fine again. Is this working my heart too much? Taking adderall and about 2 and a half hours later drinking coffee?
  2. I am really lucky and have not ever fainted. But I do sleep a lot. I think from so much sleep, over time, ive learned to become more aware of the process of going from conscious to subconscious. From this Ive learned how to Lucid dream (controlling your dreams) and its been really awesome.
  3. I just completed incomplete work from last semester in my human sexuality class. There was a whole section on chronic illnesses and sex in the book and it got me thinking. I'm male and I know most POTS patients are female so the difficulties will most likely differ but I was wondering if and how POTS effects anyone's sex life. I was diagnosed when I was 16 and didn't really have an active sex life until I was 20, so I dont know if what I am experiencing is what sex actually feels like, or I am desensitized. I dont suffer from ED, I just have a hard time actually feeling anything. I can reach climax, but its not that awesome. I think a totally healthy persons climax is better...if that makes sense. I know its embarrassing to talk about, but I am just looking for answers before I have an even more awkward face to face with my doctor about it.
  4. I just turned twenty two and recently went to mayo for a check up. I saw the pediatrician who diagnosed me over five years ago. He says that I'm overweight and the only thing I should try for now is to work out, healthy diet, and to stay motivated. I did a tilt table test and my heart rate went from about 65 - 110. I was wondering how high does other people"s heart rate get? I still feel crappy all the time when i stand but he says I'm getting better. What do you all think?
  5. its like for a second when i turn my head or make a movement quicker than my body wants. its like that feeling you get when you take the first drop on a roller coaster. or when you fall on your tailbone and have all the breath knocked out of you. i have just been starting to get this and i really dont know whats causing it. it is just for a split second but its starting to get really annoying. anyone else??
  6. My primary doctor sent me to a nuerologist and I have an appointment next week. I was wondering how a nuerologist could really help me with dealing with POTS. Can he prescribe me certain meds that a my primary physician cant? Whats the big difference ??
  7. idk if I actually do have it. It could be just another person being so sure in having figured out what was actually wrong with me when all along it was actually POTS. I was also misdiagnosed with marphans and a bunch of other things before I was diagnosed with pots. I know what you mean though, i have a hard time with the feelings in my hands between cold and hot and sometimes even numb. How do sleep aids work for you??
  8. I was diagnosed with POTS when I was 16 but really have only come to accept this fact a couple months ago at 21. Im a senior in college and along the way, i have picked up the habit of smoking. After a couple bad spells I decided to move home where I mainly spend time laying down on the couch or upstairs on the computer doing work for my online classes. About every hour once an hour ill go outside and have a ciggerette. Sometimes after a ciggerette Ill feel great and other times ill feel so run down. My grandfather came to town and I smoked one of his ciggerettes and almost passed out. So my question is, how do ciggerettes effect you thats if you smoke, and do ciggerettes effect me way WORSE because of my POTS?? I want to quit but Ive been smoking a pack a day since i was 19. I know its stupid but Ive tried the gum and stuff and really cant quit. Im gonna try to start weening myself off of them, but in the mean while I was just wondering the effects of ciggerettes.
  9. hmmm...i dont know if this helps butttttt i went to a therapists over the summer and told her about my POTS and also told her of my sensory issue problems. I told her that i was super sensitive to light, sound, and even touch. she informed me about a disorder called aspbergers syndrome and she says that alot of my body make up, such as floppy blood vessels, lanky body, bad posture, low blood pressure, fast heart rate are all the biological make up of someone with aspbergers. The disorder is a sensory problem and usually the sensory issues are that of them being overwhelming. when i go to bed i take sleep aids. at first while im in bed my body gets so antsy but after 30 minutes or so im out like a light.
  10. I think this is everyones first reaction to a stimulant. its litterally speeding up your system and causing the same reaction in your mind. after a while and with practice, you can slow everything down and cut out ALL of the racing thoughts. Just try and move not slow, but not fast, just try and move firmly, and almost WITH ENERGY and POWER if that makes sense. Try sitting up straight and putting all the weight on your core. Once you are able to slow things down while on a stimulant, things start to click alot easier. I know for me its a hard enough task to sit up straight while im typing but the stimulants help me do the normal stuff, such as sitting up straight lol. I wouldnt decrease because I truly think this is everyones initial reaction to a stimulant medicine no matter what the dose, unless its so small it doesnt even take effect.
  11. hmm...thanks for all the info....
  12. What medications did he suggest for you? Im curious about a couple and hoping he will let me try them.
  13. I have an appointment with Dr. Tullo coming up. Outside of Mayo Clinic, this is the first specialist I will be seeing in a patient doctor context. I was wondering if anybody has visited him and what he suggested and stuff like that.
  14. I went to the dr. and she said she would have to do some "research" before she perscribed this. anything i can show her to sway her opinion? i even printed out some of the posts on here and showed her how much it helped everyone. im at a loss now.
  15. I know this is POTSplace but I also see alot of information on the web stating that people are diagnosed with POTS as well as Fibromyalgia. Maybe I am just pulling this from no where, but I feel I see fibromyalgia pop up on google when I search POTS. Anyway, this article was on the homepage of MSN. I found it interesting. http://health.msn.com/health-topics/pain-management/fibromyalgia/articlepage.aspx?cp-documentid=100253538&GT1=31055
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