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  1. If you have headaches and neck pain also - you should be checked for this: craniocervical instability
  2. Hi Issie, I have this subtype. If my blood pools then wouldn’t tramadol ‘hurt’ because it doesn’t constrict the vessels? What’s very odd is that before I was diagnosed I felt Tramadol worked for me but my primary doctor wanted me off the ‘opioid’. Now I take Midodrine and Mestonin and Clonidine (at night). I feel I need a norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor though. I have chest pain and headaches. I feel like the Midodrine and mestonin got me off the couch but barely and I’m suffering. Thoughts? Jules
  3. Hi Lizzy, My daughter has seen Dr. Abdullah (and his wife) for 6 years. We live in Maryland. I’m going to see him at the end of the month for myself now. I’m not sure what your appointment will be, however, it’s usually a series of appointments at first. Intake, tests, tests, results/discussion, treatment plan. He’s very thorough, very patient, one of the best, very knowledgeable and worth the wait. There are heart tests, tilt table and blood work. I believe the first appointment is information gathering and some possible basic tests. It’s usually not the first appointment when you do the tilt table. Sometimes I’m not sure why the appointments take so long but I just bring a magazine, take a day off work and roll with it. Make sure to bring your notes of things to discuss or ask because I find it’s easy to forget. if you need something in writing for school or work - get it before you go. Don’t walk out without your prescriptions when it comes time for that. Bring water to hydrate. My appointment is on the 25th.
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