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  1. Hi Jill, I think this describes what I have been experiencing recently, I have been symptomatic for 6 weeks now and it all started from being in an upright posture for prolonged time. The following day woke with tachycardia, chest pain but then this funny feeling throughout my body with tingling as well it was so scary I thought something terrible was going to happen, I was in a nursing home at the time so they did my obs hr was high but bp fine and O2 but it lasts for a while then disappears, so odd. I tried meditation, distraction etc which made no difference. I have had it several times and it makes you anxious. I am meant to be seeing my Neurologist soon so I am going to ask him as it doesn't make sense. I expect it is to do with fight/flight reaction as body senses danger but I hate it.
  2. Hi lattegirl I am from the UK too. I am struggling severely with this weather as well, my symptoms have been bad for nearly 1 month now and am waiting for an urgent appointment with my Neurologist as I am not improving despite following all the advice given. I am not able to get up from my bed without pooling blood unless my legs are raised then feeling faint, nauseous etc. My speech can go funny when symptomatic as well.
  3. 🦓 I have been quite stable for a while as I have not been exerting myself much. Recently I was up in my wheelchair for 2 hours compared to 10 mins my usual and have not been well since, the following day I woke with ❤️tachycardia that just came out the blue and was scary as I had chest pain/heaviness, numbness and pins and needles and I was so scared as I thought I was having a heart attack or stroke. Every time I got up blood would pool in legs and feet leaving my tachy, dizzy and short of breath. I had to use a bed pan as it was making me feel so rough getting up to use toilet. Nearly 3 weeks down the line I am still not right and this weather is making things a lot worse, I am bedbound making sure I get enough fluids and have my bed elevated all what I have been told from the Autonomic nurses. I had lots of blood taken💉 to see if any infection present, but all ok. Waiting form urgent appointment with my Neurologist. I am so fed up with these symptoms and scared at times even though I use distraction techniques. 😩
  4. Thank you AB+72 and pistol. I waiting to hear from my Neurologist as my G.P made an urgent referral, maybe they will give me IV fluids.
  5. This describes me at the moment, in a flare for over 3 weeks now. Nausea, migraine/aura, fatigue, rapid heart rate, sob, chest tightness/pain, lightheaded, sinus probs, stiffness and pain and so on all because I was sitting up in my wheelchair too long in a warm room.
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