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  1. clicky77- will you please let us know what your neurologist says. mine is trying to help but still doesn't know what to do. I go for an MRI this week but really don't expect to see anything. I think this is neuron related. :-( do you by chance have a feeling of cool rushes all day long and then anxiety? do you have trouble sleeping?
  2. Thank you all so much for responding. These flushes of coolness that I get (up to 50 times a day) are followed by a great deal of anxiety as well. They start out as a thump felt in my heart, a rush of coolnesss in my chest and then to my arms and then major anxiety. After about 2 min, everything passes and I feel back to normal. I have days where nothing happens and I think it’s all passed, but by the next day, it all returns. Night is awful. As soon as I feel like I’m drifting off to sleep, I’m startled awake with the same old symptoms. Makes sleeping impossible. I have a stressful life and a stressful job. Does any of this sound like adrenal fatigue to you all? Been to ER twice, neurologist, and hormone doctor. Going to endocrinologist next week. I cry all the time as I am clueless on what to do. Doctors aren’t sure either. All blood tests come back with everything in normal range. im so scared and worried...
  3. Hi everyone- I am new here and just looking for answers. I woke up about 3 weeks ago with a rush of coolness starting in my chest and then rushing through my body. The anxiety then came along with a spike blood pressure and heart rate. This has now been going on constantly since then and even at night time. it keeps me from going to sleep. as soon as I have the feeling of falling asleep, it startles me awake and then I feel anxious. needless to say, I am getting very little sleep. Been to neurologist and GP and the only thing that is slightly helping is cyproheptadine. anyone experiencing this or have advise?? help.........im losing my mind.
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