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  1. for the past 3 weeks i’ve been exhausted no matter how much i sleep (sleeping for 8 hours, and still taking 6 hour naps), for the past week i’ve had a migraine and have been feeling very nauseous anytime i eat anything. my body is also very achy. i was diagnosed with gastroparesis in the spring and pots 2 years ago. i went to my pediatrician today and she thinks it’s a sinus infection. i’m just not sure what to do about the nausea from eating. i’m away at college and i have finals coming up soon, so i’m trying to feel better for them if anyone has any advice. thanks
  2. hi. i have been doing well (give or take) for the past 6ish months. i’ve been working 9 hour shifts almost everyday in retail and even with being on my feet that long i was doing well. Saturday (yesterday) i had a shift at 530 and had to go home at 7 (i have never left early) because i was starting to feel like i was going to faint. every so often i get these weird “headaches”. i put quotations because they’re not so much headaches more of just pressure. along with these headaches i experience numbness in my face and lips and weakness in my legs and hands. my hands become almost li
  3. Hi. I know exercising is crucial to helping me feel better but i’m having a difficult time getting motivated to exercise. Does anyone have any tips that helped them? Another thing is I definitely haven’t been drinking enough water because I’m always so nauseous and the water makes the nausea worse....has anyone else experienced this? if so what did you do that helped? thank you so much
  4. Hi. I was diagnosed with pots in january of this year. Since then I have been doing a lot better thanks to my cardiologist. I still have my days of not feeling well but as I said I’m feeling a lot better. I’m 18 so I still live at home and my parents have been upset with me that i’m not doing everything to help myself (drinking enough water and doing physical therapy exercises). I know the key to feeling better is exercise but i’ve never been much of a fitness person before and the fact that i’m being forced to exercise makes me want to even less. With that being said does anyone h
  5. hi. I started florinef 0.1mg 3 days ago and I am terrified of gaining weight...has anyone had any weight gain while taking it?? If so, how soon did you begin gaining weight after you started taking it?? I started midodrine 3 days ago as well but I haven’t seen anything about gaining weight on that. thank you.
  6. hi. yesterday i started having a throbbing/numb feeling in my head and face. At first I thought it was just a headache so I took some advil but that didn’t seem to do anything. It got so bad that when I got to physical therapy I was there for 15 minutes and had to go home because I got so dizzy and nauseous. Today I woke up and my lips are tingling/numb now as well and my head just feels weird. My arms also feel like, for lack of a better term, noodles. Just very weak and numb. I’m not sure if there is any correlation but my resting heart rate is usually around 68 and today it’s been fluctuati
  7. @Juju i’ve been thinking about going vegan as i’ve seen it’s helped people feel better so I’m going to try that. thank you so much
  8. hi. I was diagnosed with pots at the end of january and I've been having a hard time. I'm a senior in high school and before I was diagnosed I worked, I did well in school, I was able to run on little to no sleep and now I fall asleep at 3am and don't wake up until 2pm, had to quit my job when I got sick, am now finishing off senior year doing homeschool, and am unable to start college in the fall as I had planned to. I've been seeing a cardiologist who suggested I do physical therapy and the program is an 8 month program (2x a week and home exercises 3 days a week). The cardiologist has said
  9. hi. i’ve been getting aches in my fingers but it’s usually only one finger that hurts at a time (for example my pinky hurts right now) does anyone know what the cause of this is or if it’s common with pots. i do suffer from joint pain as well in my legs but i’m not sure if a single finger hurting is just joint pain or not. thank you
  10. hi. this past weekend i had a family wedding out of town (it was on saturday) and it is now wednesday and i still feel very tired, achy, and nauseous. i was wondering if anyone had any tips that helps them when they overwork themselves because that seems to be what happened to me. i need to feel ok for this coming weekend because my sister is graduating college and i can’t miss that. thank you
  11. hi. i don’t think my ferritin was ever tested. i’ll have to ask my dr. also thank you i’ll have to look into going to an autonomic center sounds like it may help if i find the root cause. thanks again
  12. i have an appointment next week with my cardiologist, i’ll have to ask her. thank you
  13. hi. i was diagnosed with pots in january of this year. i am so frustrated because nothing is helping and i am a senior in high school and am missing so much school. i feel so exhausted, nauseaous, and dizzy that i physically cannot make it to school. i was using a scopolamine patch and that was working but was making my skin infected due to an allergy to the adhesive. i had to stop using it and now i’m back to square one. my cardiologist reccomended i go gluten free so i started that yesterday. also per my cardiologists recommendation i’ve been taking 2 saltstick vitassiums three times a day.
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