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  1. Hi everyone, My girlfriend was diagnosed with EDS, dysautonomia, and POTS within the past couple years. I too am a "spoonie" but with my own health issues so when it comes to health affecting everyday life I have a large amount of empathy. I love her very much and want to learn as much as I can about what's affecting her and why. We've been together for 4 years and slowly over time her interest in sex has disappeared. At first I thought it was because of me, like something was wrong with me, not good enough or attractive. But then she was diagnosed and here we are now. We're still having a difficult time maintaining sexual intimacy, now so more than ever. She has never mentioned anything about sex making her feel hot or in pain (as I've read on other forum threads here), simply that she just doesn't feel a sex drive anymore. She mentioned it could be due to nerve damage with her dysautonomia, and that it could possibly be irreversible. She's tried to get me to have an open relationship so I can fulfill my needs elsewhere but I don't want that. My heart belongs to her and her only. I feel like I've run out of options but I'd like to continue doing whatever I can to help the situation. She also suffers from really bad ADD so getting her to actively talk to her doctors about this has been difficult. I came here to ask if anyone has suffered these side effects of dysautonomia and have you found any solutions? Any advice for a partner who sincerely cares for their lover's well-being, but genuinely misses the closeness/intimacy we once had? Thanks!
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