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  1. Our family never gets thirsty and never had water on the table with meals either. None of us can tolerate heat well, either! Hmm.
  2. I have awful sleep, sleep apnea (CPAP has helped but not nearly enough), and cerebral hypoperfusion on Doppler. Lots of other crap too, but sleep is one of my worst problems and also gives me a horribly miserable and sick day afterwards if I get less than 6 hours or so. That’s pretty rare. IV fluids help with this too. I think I’ll do it tomorrow.
  3. I really doubt it - mine was over 3L and I definitely have low blood volume. I agree on the salt and fluid intake... mine were high that day as usual. I have trouble keeping my blood sodium high enough, which is so weird on 15gm salt daily.
  4. Same for me, I have a ton, and the electrophysiologist gave me options to treat with antiarrhythmics, ablation, or nothing. I am such a mess that I’m going with nothing for now. They bother me (I have a lot of bigeminy) but he said they are okay. I WOULD love to know where they’re coming from. Heck I’m only 40.
  5. Lots of seemingly unrelated ones! I am hoping there’s a link. Many are not diagnosed officially. If they were, I’d say 8-10?
  6. Interesting! This and alpha lipoic acid have made my nighttime neuropathy flares tolerable. I don’t think it’s helped the rest of me, and I used to take it in the morning. I wonder if I need higher doses. It’s been pretty magical for no longer waking up with foot pain, though.
  7. I’m working with a case manager and it’s helping! She’s from my insurance. She fights for me... getting orders, making doctors and pharmacies do what they’re supposed to, getting authorization. I wish I got her involved much earlier! If I remember right, you’re seeing people in Boston? Feel free to PM me about that.
  8. My IL 10 is about double the upper limit, and my growth hormone is low for my gender and age. Just curious if anyone else has had these. My neurologist ordered the tests but of course he says "my labs are fine". Why order them if you’re going to brush off abnormal results? I think he does it for studies he runs.
  9. Yeah, that happens a lot. This guy used to have great staff. I have several doctors with awful gatekeeper staff that don’t pass on messages and don’t let you talk with the doctors.
  10. My level is more than double the upper end of the limit. I can’t find a lot about what it actually means(other than associated with fatigue), but the doctor does a lot of research and I suspect he’s compiling data. He hasn’t gotten back to me after running a huge number of tests. My HGH is also a bit low. Just curious!
  11. Well, he’s not totally helpful but he does try. He moved and his new medical assistant is not so great....
  12. I had Moderna, finishing the course a few weeks ago, and had no issues except for one day of aches and malaise the day after the second dose. I have pretty bad hypotension and other symptoms in general.
  13. I know! I have good insurance, and she takes it, plus a lot out of pocket. I think I'd end up between a rock and a hard place with her, no matter how groundbreaking she was.
  14. She is an MD. It’s just like she doesn’t want to do that part!
  15. She’s in NY. I don’t know if she’d be that helpful without writing orders - now I need to convince another of my doctors to carry out her wishes? I don’t know if anyone else who does the immune system end of things.
  16. I found a great sounding doc here - she specializes in immune and allergy. Same kind of thing - lots of money up front, it costs money to ever talk with her office or ask a question, she won’t write orders, so many rules. I didn’t think it’d be worth the cost. Too bad, I am sure she is good.
  17. I also think that if you’re not dehydrated or hypotensive , they can’t understand why you’d need fluids, or why they’d help. I know in all of my years of training, there was never another reason taught to give fluids... it’s like giving extra potassium to someone with enough potassium, to them. I can see both sides of the coin, but man, can I ever tell you that it doesn’t matter what my vitals say if I need fluids. I always figured I’d bring some studies with me if I ever had to go to the ER (if I was alone with no one to place my IV?). The other day my BP wasn’t even that low, but my pulse pressure was. That was enough to make me decide to spend the day hooked up to my IV pole. Each day is fairly bad, so it can be hard for me to decide when to do it. Even though I have a cache of fluids and supplies.... I don’t have access and can’t get it, and have only so many veins which I don’t want to scar.
  18. I hope so too. This is kind of where I am - so far I don’t fit anywhere, but my doctors are mostly helping me anyway. A hematologist is doing a lot of it! It doesn’t matter it’s not his specialty, he can see what I need. So don’t worry about this yet...
  19. I’ve done it tons of times, and am still amazed by the effects... "hey, I’m happier than I was" "I can bend down to pick something up!"
  20. Oh yes, very much. I need 2L to make a big difference now, but it makes me feel like the old me. It’s crazy the little things we’ll discover later. For instance, my hands and feet were suddenly warm! That never happens no matter the temperature. I guess circulation helps!
  21. Unfortunately, oral salts and fluid haven’t helped my apparent blood volume issue. That’s why I’m dragging an IV pole around today, again...
  22. It wakes me partway through the night, if I can manage to go to sleep. Even on a lot of carbamazepine. I think part of this is from my CPAP mask touching me, but it fits better than any other and is loose. I haven’t found that ice helps. But as far as my tooth pain, yes, if I sleep until 6am, it is GONE at that time and gets worse as the day goes on. It used to get bad at 7pmish and has gradually moved to 8-9am! The under - tooth tenderness is much better, though. I’m positive it’s not my teeth, partly due to that, and partly because it does move (even if the worst of it is always in one section of jaw) I'm a bit afraid of amitryptyline. I guess I’d take it if I had to.
  23. I’m much more afraid of COVID complications than the shot. I’m so relieved to have partial protection. I’d say I’m back where I was a few months ago.
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