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  1. While this is an older thread, most of us still use the valuable info we find here on Dinet. I decided to share! I have tried all forms of magnesium in my battle against Dysautonomia, POTS, Ehler Danlos and Mast Cell Activation Syndrome. I recently found a company called Ancient Lakes, based out of Australia. There are independent vendors in the U.S, U.K and AUS, so shipping costs are affordable for most everyone. I use the magnesium infused salts (so convenient since I am on 17 grams of salt daily) and I also use their "magnesium bitterns". I simply put about 30 drops in my lemon water every
  2. The IV is for "rescue medications" in the event of an adverse reaction and gives the team immediate access to treat you with meds that can be vital! At our hospital I work out, it is just generally used per hospital policy or on the ordering physicians standard orders. Definitely talk to your dr to request to opt out if you think it will help calm you. It was reassuring to me! I had my last TTT in November 2016, with an IV, but the team was great and brought up a NICU nurse to stick me. She got it on the second try, a record for me! I was tilted up for 10 minutes and had that awful feeling we
  3. I joined the Magnesium Advocacy Group on Facebook to learn more about how mag functions in the body. Due to my chronic dehydration and poor veins, I wanted to avoid a port. I found a Facebook profile called "Maggie Lister". Magnesium has completely stopped a lot of my symptoms and I have been able to reduce some of my salt intake. No leg cramps anymore! I also stopped processed foods (normally we are told to eat salty chips and ramen noodles and sugary Gatorade drinks), but this ends up adding to our toxin overload and aggravates gastro symptoms. It is a great start to learn the role of supple
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