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  1. I pots symptoms and am on waiting list to get tests is it ok for me use foot spa warm not hot water as got one xmas i read instructions says ppl with circulation plrbloms not use and diabetes is it ok use if gt pots or othstatic intolerance?
  2. Hi just wondering what yo expect from my first app anyone no
  3. I have received pip on i got low mobility only the servly disabled gt enchanted now i got the lower daily living was one of higher only caus speak for myself etc
  4. I also struggling walk very far
  5. ⬆snap i am on bisprol 1.25 it mk my bloodpressure go to low wen lieingdwn then wen stood up it goes up up it quite scary i thi k mk my vision worser mk even more drained i also have me/ cfs being refferd for possible pots got wait till march that ??
  6. I whin ? no i try get nearest bathroom quite scary when heart going like crazy
  7. Is it safe to have sex when you have postural othostatic tachyardiya syndrome? (Dont no if ok post here sorry if not)
  8. Hi does anyone get needing toilet feeln to empty bowel when pot symptoms flare up heart going ten dozzon.
  9. Hello well I been finally referred to professor julia newton at Newcastle has anyone else seen her, what to expect?
  10. *update* Had my pip assessment at home Because my pots the lady didnt do muscle tests as said wouldnt be safe she said she will be sayn i have restrictions that will find out in 4/5weeks
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