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  1. Thanks everyone for all your input, I have forwarded my results to my POTs Doctor and will see what they say next week.
  2. Below is what the email sent to me regarding my private test results....please be aware the private doctor performing the test wasn't aware of my possible POTS. Please find attached your results in PDF format, and our Doctor's comments directly below. The adrenaline and noradrenaline levels appear to be high in this sample. This may mean you have a condition known as phaeochromocytoma in which excessive amounts of adrenaline type compounds are manufactured by the body. I advise you to make contact with your usual doctor to discuss this finding.
  3. Should I forward these results to my Pots doctor or would it be best to wait until I have the 24 hr urine catecholamine test next week. I just wish I knew what was happening to me, I have symptoms of Pots and have had for years but it's really bad now and I'm desperate for help and info which is why I ordered my own test although in hindsight it may have been a silly thing to do.
  4. Hi there i am currently undergoing tests for POTS through the hospital specialist, however i undertook a private blood test myself to measure my Catecholamines (i thought it would go well with the urine test they ordered)and the results have come back saying i have elevated Catecholamines. Please can someone tell me what this means as the test was arranged by myself and not my POTS specialist who is doing their own 24hr urine test next week. Plasma Catecholamines Plasma Adrenaline 1.19 nmol/l Plasma Noradrenaline 2.84 nmol/L Probability of phaeochromocytosis: NORMETADRENALINE METADRENALINE <1.3nmol/L <0.7nmol/L LOW PROBABILITY 1.3-2.18nmol/l 0.7-1.2nmol/L MED PROBABILITY >2.19nmol/L >1.2nmol/L HIGH PROBABILITY I know i should have just let the hospital do the tests but now im confused. Can someone explain please. My Pots specialist thinks i may have the hyperadrenergic state of PoTS. Does this test rule this out? The whole POTS thing still baffles me sorry
  5. It could very well be me feeling sorry for myself but i am struggling to cope with the illness without her not believing me.....all i want is a hug now and again and a little support oh and her not to think i'm lazy because i really am not.
  6. I want to start by saying i have been with the same partner now for 14 years, i love her to bits and she is my world. The only thing is she is making my life a misery at the moment and has been for a while, because she refuses to acknowledge i have an illness. When i tell her i'm not up to things and explain why, she just thinks i am lazy, she also thinks i'm making things up i'm sure of it. If i feel the need to lie down she hates it and goes mental and we always end up arguing. I've explained POTS to her and tried to tell her i'm just not able to do certain things but she just says silly things like " well that can't be you as you don't have all the symptoms" or "you can't be that bad or you wouldn't be able to do things" the truth of the matter is i'm tired and i'm worn down with trying to force myself to keep up with her and her lifestyle. I really don't know what to do and i'm hoping when i have my TTT she understands a little more if i get the dx. I must admit i am slightly bitter towards her though as she went through a very rough time a few years ago with depression and ended up getting sectioned to a mental health hospital after the birth of our daughter. She had electric shock therapy and fortunately made a full recovery but it angers me as i stood by her and was there every step of the way and i now feel she is neglecting me slightly now i am ill. Its tough because in every way i love her to pieces and we are expecting our third child soon. Vent over just having a think out loud session i hope you guys don't mind.
  7. Thank you June, I have made an appointment at my Gp for fitst thing Monday and I will record the BP readings throughout the weekend. It does seem to have come down a bit today bit I still don't feel great if I'm honest so I'm going to take it easy this weekend with lots of rest and lying down. If it does go back up to anywhere near them really high readings though I will go straight to ER. Thank you for taking the time and care to reply:)
  8. Thankyou for the support. I went to my local UK based Health/drop in centre and they took my blood pressure straight away, it read 169/100 and they said it was very high and they thought i should go to hospital. I explained about my possible POTS and asked them to record my heart rate they did and it was 80 sat down and 150 stood up. The nurse said that the 150 hr was not uncommon and explained that his heart rate at rest was always 120........ this kind of made me a little uneasy because he obviously didn't know what POTS was. Anyway whilst he was explaining about the BP readings i was seated and it took around twenty minns for him to stop rambling he then decided to take another BP test which showed that my Blood pressure had come down to 147/90 which he was pleased about. He then said he thought i should record my BP in the mornings and the evenings and if i get the horrible dizzy sensations and headaches to see what they were then and to consult my doctor as something was not right. I don't know whether to wait to see my POTS cardiologist now in 4 weeks or to see my GP ASAP, either way i am going to ask about the possibility of adrenal tumour thanks again everyone.
  9. Thank you I think I am probably best going to go to my local health centre then to check on it. I appreciate your advice so much
  10. Been feeling bad all day, dizzy lightheaded chest aches and headache should I be worried with these readings? They go to a normal range when laid down.
  11. Thankyou Krystal. I hate feeling like this, i am new to this site and admit i know very little about POTS in general but i do know is i have felt awful for years if not decades. I also know the only time i felt good was when i broke a bone and was given tramadol which is an SNRI as well as a pain killer....most of my symptoms just went away. I read somewhere that bupropion is also an SRNI and given to some POTSIES so i wonder if it may help?. I have tried an SSRI called Lustral (citrilopram) from my GP and it didn't help me at all like the Tramadol.
  12. Thankyou for the additional information I also have an appointment with a Neuro in two weeks about having daily headaches and weird sensations which have been happening for months, i wonder if i should mention pheochromacytoma to him......do you think a neuro would know about one?
  13. Hi kJay thankyou i haven't actually seen my POTS specialist yet i am waiting to visit a POTS clinic here in the UK, but i haven't got an appointment until April at which time i have been told i will be having the ttt and an Echo amongst other things. Parden my ignorance but what is a pheochromacytoma?
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