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  1. Gjensen, all the episodes I've ever had always end with shaking and being jittery. Just like you said, it looks like I'm cold, but I'm not. Do you happen to know which type of POTS you have? I'm starting to think mine might be hyper due to these episodes.
  2. Northerndarlene thanks for the info! Please keep me updated with what they find, if anything... I was thinking mine might be some sort of mast cell thing too because it seems to happen around lunch time. My dysautonomia doctor didn't seem too concerned when I called about this new symptom, so maybe it was just a flare.
  3. Mine started a few days before my cycle and lasted throughout it. It's getting better now. Maybe it's just the fluctuation in hormones that triggered it.
  4. I'm just curious if anyone has episodes similar to mine. I've been diagnosed with POTS and currently take zebeta, klonopin, and lexapro to manage my symptoms. I was feeling a lot better except for the occasional dizziness throughout the day. Then out of no where I had a weird episode. I was at work when I suddenly felt dizzy and light headed so I told my co-workers that I felt like I needed to lay down. I'm a nurse and work in an office where they could hook me up to a heart monitor. My heart rate was in the 120-130s (which isn't too terribly high for me) but I think that was just anxiety because I had this really weird flushing sensation in my chest that was spreading into my arms and neck. My tongue also felt tingly. I told my co-workers this and they told me that my chest was red. This only lasted for about 30 seconds and then went away. I had 3-4 waves of this and then it was gone. Afterwards I felt really jittery and shaky. During the episode my heart rhythm was normal and my blood pressure was actually elevated for me (130/80). I'm just curious if anyone else experiences episodes like this. I can't figure out a trigger. They seem to come out of no where, but I can sometimes feel them coming on because I'll get jittery before it occurs. I told my doctor who manages my POTS and all she told me to do was increase my Zebeta to a whole pill instead of half. Any info would be helpful! Thanks
  5. Did you ever figure out what was wrong? I too have chest pain often, but it doesn't seem to be associated with anything in particular. I did have an episode of burning coldness in my chest last week that scared me. I called my doctor and she just told me to increase my beta blocker. I was just wondering if you figured anything out.
  6. This is really interesting and encouraging to me. I've always thought that my neck could be the cause of my POTS. I have gone to a chiropractor before and I had instant relief of my dizziness and visual disturbances after having my neck adjusted. Unfortunately I hadn't been diagnosed with POTS at the time and didn't continue getting adjustments on a regular basis. Please keep us updated with your progress! I'm eager to see if it helps!
  7. I'm hoping so because I was doing a lot better until a recent bout of stomach problems and now I've flared up again.
  8. This may be very random but if you have diarrhea does it cause you to loose serotonin?
  9. Staying positive to work through this disorder

  10. Thanks for the replies. Thankfully I have a Drs appt with a dysautonomia specialist in 2 weeks. I'm hoping she can shed some light on to what may be triggering them (they seem to occur around the same time of day) and what medications or other treatments may help. Amanda
  11. Hello all, I have a quick question. I too suffer from these adrenaline surges. It'll start with me feeling like I'm about to pass out and I'll lay down until that feeling passes. But then I'll start to shiver and shake, even if I'm not cold. My heart rate will still be elevated (100-120s) and my blood pressure jumps around (100-130s/50-80s). And I get these weird "wave like" feelings that come across me that make me feel like I'm still going to pass out. Sometimes I can walk the feeling off, but when it's really bad I just have to lay down and hope that it passes. My question is, is it weird that these symptoms continue even though I'm laying down? Shouldn't laying down help my body? It just worries me that laying down doesn't make the symptoms stop. Amanda
  12. Hello, I'm new to this forum. I'm going to the dysautonomia and MVP center in Birmingham, AL in a few weeks. I was diagnosed with dysautonomia - vasodepressor syndrome by my cardiologist in October 2012, but I didn't feel like he had a true understanding of the different types of dysautonomia, and therefore couldn't treat me accurately. I was just curious, for those of you who have been to the dysautonomia center in Birmingham, do they test for the different types of dysautonomia? Or is it just testing to see if you have it? After researching the different types online, I'm pretty sure I have hyperadrenergic POTS. Any input would be helpful Amanda
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