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  1. Wow I wasn't expecting even 2 replies this is amazing, I will get my PA to read them out to me(: Thankyou so much for taking the time to comment(: Sending you all tons of positive vibes and I may be back to ask questions! Healing vibes and thankyous for you all x
  2. Do any of you have difficulty swallowing ? I have a juicer and a blender. But my swallowing is often not good enough for even that, my nutritionist wants me to have one veggie juice a day at least, what are your favourites?(:
  3. Hello My name is Chlay Esmae and I have "a variety of dysautonomia 's " as my dr put it, I've kinda known I've had it for a while but got confirmed last week and I was just hoping to make some friends on here ( I'm sure you can find me online as not many others have my name) I was hoping you could also give me some advice , maybe 3 tips that you wish you had known about, books, websites, what not to do , awesome charities, ways to make new friends with dysautonomia, fb groupsn etc etc I think it could help lots of people and also new members (: Thank you for reading, sending lots of sparkles x
  4. Sorry you're struggling, I'm always here if you need someone to talk to sending lots of hugs, take care x
  5. I have another etiquette question , I wanted to post an "angst /glee" thread you post what you're happy about or angsty about and respond to other peoples 'glee' s Would this be considered as a blog/journal thing? Thank you Would a thread idea I have be
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