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  1. ugh you mean I need to move more when I just want to go to bed?! Haha just kidding, I have been busy and therefore slacking off on exercise, you’re probably right. It’s so unfair how quickly the flare up can hit and how slow it is to pull out of it.
  2. Hi all, I’m not very active on the board diagnosed with POTS in 2012 which is secondary to Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (unspecified type). Anyways my POTS has always been managed with rest and increased fluids and electrolytes. I have occasional crashes where I just feel like garbage but they generally don’t last long. Well now I’m 6 weeks into all day chills in my legs and back, on and off tremors, nausea, heart burn, 100’s of PAC’s a day which I feel in my chest and neck, all over stinging itching, brain fog, and very bad pain in my neck and shoulders. PCP thinks it’s all POTS + anxiety/stress bu
  3. Boymommy3, the pressure experience you had sounds similar to mine, especially the bridge of the nose pressure, my glasses suddenly feel like they weight 20lbs. If it went away on its own for you that gives my hope! I am going crazy!!!! I put a call into my pcp trying to get her to refer me to neurology and had no such luck. I also have a lot of numbness and tingling in my face, between my shoulder blades and down my arms. I wonder if the head pressure and tingling are related?
  4. For the past month I have been getting these awful head and neck sensations. I have been have such a hard time explaining exactly what it feels like to a physician that they just palpate my neck and tell me they don't think there is anything wrong. I am wondering if anyone else out there has a similar experience, every afternoon around 2 or 3pm I get this whoosh of pressure that comes up my neck and goes into my head. The only way I can think to explain it is it feels like doing a hand stand under water while drunk. There is a pressure feeling both on the inside and outside of my head and my n
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