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  1. ALSO just FYI the Pots Treatment Center is $5000, they do not take insurance, and $500 is up front to hold your spot.
  2. I bought the HeartMath biofeedback thing from Amazon today for $180. You can look on heartmath.com and it is very informative
  3. I got back from Dr Suleman yesterday. )) -he didn't even want my medical records I brought and he re did EVERYTHING and then some. I did 13 tests in 2.5 days, (if worried about $ one night was a sleep study so maybe not book everything in advanced so you don't have to pay for a night your not there) HAVE SOMEONE GO WITH YOU! (You will be way more than exhausted! For sure!) I paid my co pay on the first day I went, and also a co pay on the last day I went (those are the times I actually saw and talked with him, the second was a bunch of tests performed by other people) I have an appt for The POTS Treatment Center on 2/25- 3/8, I am debating on canceling because dr Suleman said he doesn't think I will benifit from the program as much as everyone else because anxiety and hyperventilation are not an issue with me. -BUT he does highly reccomend it to most of his patients. -if I do go to the treatment center (I have a couple weeks to debate about it and still get my deposit back) -if I go and you are in town those 2 weeks we can bunk together. Meanwhile I purchased an HeartMath off amazon like dr Suleman recommended, it's suppose to be a home biofeedback device... I'll let you know how it is when it gets here. )))
  4. To help with above, Heart rate and Respiratory rate are not directly related. And yes one 'symptom' definitely sets off a chain reaction to trigger other symptoms.
  5. Badhpt - I'm in Dallas now with dr Suleman, next month I go to the pots treatment center in Dallas, any experience?
  6. Ugh, weird. Usually fever is a tell tell sign of infection, but if CBC was good, than idk? ( I would think its likely that your body is just regulating it that high, the same way that your body can regulate it low. (My normal temp is 95.0) -sorry I can't help, maybe ask your dr to just completely work you up, like you could be producing to much adrenalin?
  7. BUT he is making me re do all of my tests... Even though I have my medical records and all the tests have been in the last year. Hope my insurance is ok with this.
  8. I agree he was VERY thorough, 13 tests in 3 days, gesh.... I'm already exhausted ((
  9. Had appt with specialist today, asked him about pregnancy. He told me that 80% of POTS patients GET BETTER with pregnancy!!! He also said that they need a lot of IV fluids, and extra IV vitamines. I was shocked, and thrilled )
  10. Thanks so much y'all! I'm about to go in, I'll keep y'all updated
  11. Also the medicines you absolutely have to take may be substituted with something that will not harm the baby.
  12. Sorry your having such a hard time. It's not easy. -to be blunt, my dr told me to absolutely under no circumstances get pregnant. He said it will most likely lead to me being very sick and I would have to terminate the pregnancy if I didn't miscarry first. Basically thy my body knows its not healthy enough to nourish a fetus. I'm 24, so I'm with you on the family part. -I am a paramedic so I can help with the medical point of view also. When you get pregnant, the fetus needs a lot of blood to live, POTS is very commonly associated with hypovolemia, meaning we don't have enough blood in our body. When pregnant your body needs to be able to provide for a baby. Often pts with autonomic functions bodies are 'just getting by.' -of course everyone is different and all of our symptoms are different. I would really suggest you talk to your doctor, he may have a few 'tricks' that will allow you to get by. -also think about te quality of your life if you do have a baby, will you be able to do the many continuous things mothers do. Also, if the pregnancy makes you worse. Hope everything works out for you and I wish you the best of luck. -and I'm crossing my fingers for you that some one else on here has experience thy can relate to you.
  13. There are 2 forms of pots. The common 'POTS, and Hyperadrenic POTS. The regular POTS is referred to the basic POTS that youll find out if google and research it. Mainly a low blood pressure. Hyperadrenic POTS is a lot less common and with hyper pots you have the increase in blood pressure and a few other different things. POTS is a syndrome under a larger umbrella of dysautonomia's, or autonomic disfunctions. For example I have hyperadrenic POTS, neurocardiogenic syncope, cronic fatigue sundrome. -all of those are types of dysautonomia, but only hyperadrenic POTS is a form of pots. Better?? -and welcome, a lot of people on here have good advice and numerous things have helped improved their quality of life and some are very knowledgable. ) Good luck to you.
  14. Hey y'all. I have an appointment with Dr Suleman in Dallas TX tomorrow. Has anyone been to him. What do you think?!!
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