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  1. Hello, I am currently 31 (about to be 32 weeks) pregnant, and have started to really go downhill. I was diagnosed with POTS three years ago, but I'm still not sure I meet the criteria for this. I have never fainted, but do have extreme heat intolerance, physical pain, fatigue, insomnia, and 'purple-ish' legs that are painful when I'm sitting too long. When I start to feel the pain, it is like I have the flu- body aches, shakiness, and feeling like I want to cut off my limbs rather than deal with it any further. I've been taking Vicodin at the same dose for about 10 years, and have had no probl
  2. Thanks everyone! I do alternative therapies, and always have, but they're only effective until I get up off the table. Same with sleep aids- it's not that I can't sleep, it's that I wake up in a significant amount of pain. So those aids don't help me sleep through anything. I sincerely hope I only have to wait 4-5weeks to feel better, I'm falling way behind @ work and am scared I'm going to lose my job or make a mistake or something! I even cancelled 3 patients today to go home and lay down. The problem is when I get there, I still won't be able to sleep! It's so frustrating! And the stress th
  3. Awhile back I was discussing possibly getting pregnant and seeking advice from fellow POTS sufferers regarding whether or not this would be a doable path for myself to take. I received a ton of helpful advice, and thank all of you who offered their two sense. I'm now 8 weeks pregnant, however, and feel like I want to quit! I am SO fatigued that I can't work, which is dangerous for two reasons: 1) I'm a psychologist and need to be able to listen to my patients because a mistake could be really bad and 2) I'm the primary bread-winner in our house, so without my work, there is no money for this b
  4. So, my legs and arms turn visibly splotchy and purple when I sit for too long (which is a problem, because I'm a Psychologist). However, I wouldn't care that much, but it also hurts- not like acute pain, but the pain you get when you have the flu, achy all over, wanting to whine a lot, type of pain. I've been prescribed pain killers for the last 10 years (dose has never changed in that time either, which is weird in and of itself), but I would like to be pregnant at some point. Any idea what else I can do? Stopping a therapy session or laying down while on the job is not an answer that will fi
  5. Yay! Hello fellow Wisconsinites!! I have been having trouble finding a doctor that didn't just dismiss me as another person with a vague pain/fatigue/etc. disorder!! I haven't heard of that doc specifically, but the bills that come from Froedtert are enough for me to stay away. I can't find someone who doesn't feel uncomfortable saying, "you know, I don't know what's going on, but I'll stick it out with you until we get this under control..." Have you found one of those? I feel like WI needs to step it up with the specialists outside of the Medical College! Just happy to see others from WI on
  6. Thanks for the responses. I didn't know that this forum didn't notify me by email when someone replied, so I figured no one did until now! I guess all of your collective pieces of advise raises another question/problem for me: Since I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, I've been reluctant to discuss things with doctors, let alone go to a new one. I am probably hypersensitive, but if I see the eye-roll "oh, you have fibro" one more time, I think I will scream. Even the specialist who diagnosed me with dysautonomia gave me that impression yesterday because the first medication he tried me on didn'
  7. A short synopsis of me: I just found out that apparently I was misdiagnosed with Fibromyalgia for 10 years. I am now 30 and received my Dysautonomia diagnosis when I was 29. Because I figured that Fibro would not get worse than it was, I decided to ignore it, and went on to get my doctorate in Psychology, and now work more than 40 hours per week, loving my job a lot. It is a part of my identity, and advice to "take it easy" will fall on deaf ears. Anyway, my doctor said I'm borderline Pure Autonomic Failure type and POTS. I don't faint, but I can't regulate heat and get very irritable. I have
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