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  1. Thank you guys for your suggestions I have used almost all of them! LooneyMom- setting goals that I had to be up and off the couch and complete a task has helped me be a little more up right and productive. I don't have compression stockings but am going to make an outing to the store tomorrow to try and get some. E. since I was trying to get pregnant I had stopped taking all my medications other then prenatals (unless it was an emergency) but I do have a script for Midodrine and kinda forgot about it, so thanks to your suggestion I have been using it again. I did also get my pain medication
  2. I am really hoping someone can give me some ideas on how to cope after surgery with PoTS. If you have read my ectopic and methotrexate post from earlier you know that I ended up with internal bleeding last Saturday and emergency surgery. The 30 min procedure took over 2 hours. The doctor has never seen what he saw in me (of course my body just cant be "normal" once in my life) it seems maybe 10 plus years ago my right tube must have twisted around an adhesion left from having my appendix removed when I was 3 (which makes sense, as I was in the hospital for a week with severe pain when I was 1
  3. I don't have any immediate family with varicose veins other then an aunt who also has Crohn's disease. But I have started getting a few of my own since the onset of PoTS.
  4. Thank you both of you for your support. Momtogiuliana- I have posted on a pregnancy board about the ectopic portion but haven't found anyone that has had the methotrexate shot and pots. However, that isn't my only concern now. I ended up with internal bleeding Saturday and emergency surgery. The 30 min procedure took over 2 hours. The doctor has never seen what he saw in me (of course my body just cant be "normal" once in my life) it seems maybe 10 plus years ago my tube must have twisted around an adhesion left from having my appendix removed when I was 3 (which makes sense, as I was in the h
  5. Hello Andybonse, I am sorry you are having to go through this. I was officially diagnosed withPoTS February 2012. Since then it has been a constant learning curve but I have found at least for me that it does seem to get a little easier. When I first got diagnosed I had a 24 hour Holter monitor test done during that test I was unable to get off the couch, my highest heart rate I think the whole test was 130 granted that was just getting off the couch to walk to the bathroom. A year later I redid the Holter monitor test and over 24 hour. I cooked dinner, did a little house work, went out and f
  6. Hello Everyone, it has been a couple months since I have been on here. Some of you may remember my Clomid post from back in April. Well the Clomid made me extremely sick with messing with my hormones and so I've had a hard time functioning let alone get on the computer. And then finally three weeks ago we got a positive pregnancy test and all of those extra symptoms I was having were suddenly all worth it. That was until I started spotting last week, which at first the doctor didn't think much of it at first as it is semi common in normal pregnancies well after having my blood hCG levels dr
  7. Hello London, sorry I just saw your question. I have never been tested for my type but the cardiologist and I both believe I have the Hypo type of PoTS. I also saw your concerns with taking it and low libido. I had no sex drive before wellbutrin now my husband is pushing me off of him because despite how tried or PoTSy I am I want to have sex. Not sure if it is 100% due to the medication or if baby fever has something to do with it.... But I would recommend trying it, you can always stop taking it if you don't feel like it is benefitting you or you are getting bad side effects.. I know I was
  8. I am on just wellburtrin 150mg 2 x a day I take one in the morning and early afternoon. I am not on an SSRI and only take BB and Midodrine as needed. For me wellburtrin has helped with the fatigue it seemed to help give me a boost and I can tell on the days I forget to take it either in the morning or afternoon as I am a little more worn out. I have not noticed it lower/raising BP or a difference in my heart rate just a little more energy and maybe a little more help with concentration.. Does your doctor now about PoTS I know I have brought up things by saying I belong to s support group and
  9. Like you during my journey I often heard from doctors that I was just depressed or stressed out from being in college (I checked no to first question, as they never said anxiety). After, going to countless doctors one did diagnosis me with CFS and pretty much told me to go on and live my life. I thought CFS fit too a point but couldn't explain everything. It wasn't until I ended up in the ER with my heart rate going from 50-60 laying down and 160+ standing up that the doctors sent me to see a cardiologist. All they could tell me in the ER was that they don't know what is wrong but something i
  10. Okay everyone, I need some input.if you read my hormones and clomid question post, you will see that my cardiologist wanted me to get a test to check for hormone imbalances, so off to the OBGYN I go (had to see the new partner in the practice and not my normal OBGYN as he is booked out forever ) well the whole time he was talking to me I felt like he wasn't listening or running the correct test and kept questioning that as well as called the office to ask questions and confirm the test he was running would show a hormone imbalance. The Doctor and nurse both assured me it would...yeah wrong! So
  11. Thank you so much Friedbrain! I am sorry you had to go through all that, but glad you found answers and had 2 healthy babies. I have wondered about progesterone as well, and will ask my doctor this Friday if this last test tested it and if when I do get a positive pregnancy test if I can come in and have him do it, if not I am going to go and see my reg OBGYN who has always been great and is very good at working with high risk pregnancies and referring and working with someone more specialized if needed, he is just booked out for 2 months :/. Have you noticed a difference at all with any of
  12. Thank you guys for the information, I meet with the doctor again next Friday to go over other results and may bring it up casually Relax- from what I have read wellbutrin has been looked at for being used as a weight loss drug, not sure if it is only for people that have an over eating addiction to food type weight gain or just in general, but it is also used in smoking cessation so not sure how it helps exactly in breaking "addictions" there seems to be a lot of info on this forum on wellbutrin and some people respond well to it and some not so much, but that is fairly normal across the boa
  13. Thanks Corina! I am excited to hear it helped you get pregnant the first try! I completely agree I really do think that PoTS and hormones are interlinked at least when it comes to fertility. I truly question if both miscarriages where possibly caused by the blood being pulled away from the baby, as I know the reason myself and I guess many people with dysautonomia get so many stomach issues, is or can be related to the blood being constantly pulled away from our digestive tract. it is hard though because my husband still doesnt seem to understand why it upset me so much as we were not very fa
  14. Thank you Sue, I am so glad to hear it helped you get two babies. Do you remember if they did or how they did fertility testing prior to prescribing the clomid. I have never had any of my hormone levels tested and it concerns me to take a fertility drug, when I am not even sure I have a hormone imbalance or if it is something they normally do in testing a hormone imbalance....Got to love all this medical stuff.
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