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  1. I know! I swear it makes everything more manageable just k owing your not alone! Not that I wish any of this on anyone, but I know exactly what you mean!! I promise you'll be the first to know if I EVER get any answers As the years go on I'm realizing more and more just how many of my daily symptoms are attributed to Dysautonomia and I never put it together. Fun times!!! Take care! Happy New Year!! Jess
  2. I deal with exactly what you described all the time! It ca. Come and go and vary in severity, but it hurts to the touch, can be excruciating and follows no patterns or activities that would cause such pain. I have been a massage therapist for 15 years and worked with Chiropractors and tried every modality I think! And while those things help my "normal" muscle and spine issues no help seems to come for this "other" pain that plagues me chronically. I have been dealing with a very severe bout of it for the past three weeks that will not seem to budge no matter what I do, under my arm and up int
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