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  1. I just got one last week, all I put on it was Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome , then under that diagnoses I put call --------- then they can get all the accurate information from a trusted family member or friend.
  2. I went to Vanderbilt back in April. After 10mins TTT Standing-My bp did increase >10 and heart rate was >30 increased and norepinephrine was 1260, Dr.biagionni told me I was had hyperadrenic POTS.
  3. I guess they state we are all prone to low sodium levels if we don't take in adequate amounts of salt compared to fluid intake. It can dilute it too much
  4. I was currently admitted to hospital with confusion, severe nausea, feeling worse then ever. Sodium level ended up being 128, I was taking florinef and lots of salt and water
  5. I have been sick since Oct, worsened in last 2 months. Does anyone feel like such a burden to their families? My husband states I need to stop the pitty party. It's very depressing being left behind for everything.
  6. Thank you Mandy, I am going to start praying for our forum and members.
  7. I am a RN, haven't been able to work since beginning of Oct 2011. Am I waiting my time applying with the diagnosis of Autonomic Neuropathy & POTS? I know I have enough work hours.
  8. I did like you said and cut my dose of nadalol to 5mg, what a difference, my energy is coming back and tachycardia is still controlled. The dr told me the lowest therapeutic dose for nadolol was 10mg, well I had to cut the 20mg tab into 1/4 pieces, but it works:)
  9. I just started nadolol which is a beta blocker 1 week ago, in the last 4 days I can barely keep my eyes open. It does stop the tachycardia, but then I am good for nothing else. Does this go away??
  10. Thank you FarmerAmy. This illness does go unrecognized in the family as well as friends. They don't see something broken so they think I am exaggerating my symptoms. It definitely takes a toll on your emotions. I'm so thankful to have found this site, since I can never express to anyone the significant impact this syndrome has on our lives.
  11. I went to Dr. Flipse for a second opinion regarding POTS, and I've never had such a thorough exam and interview/discussion with a Doctor ever. He has no quick fixes for POTS, but he at least eases some of your concerns. Hope this information will help you.
  12. Mine is 50-60s on Betablocker med, 70's without med.
  13. I was only told I had autonomic neuropathy & POTS.
  14. You have all been such an amazing help. I don't feel as lost and anxious over this diagnosis. Thank you all so much. I pray the Lord just leads my way, since its so easy to get all caught up in the poor me attitude. Does anyone have a problem with their husbands being irritated or distant when you are sick???
  15. Yes, but I don't have vertigo, like you do. Are you dizzy from vertigo or POTS??
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