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finally some good luck!!


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I still am in shock from this good luck. Lately my life has been nothing but hard times, which I am sure you guys can understand. I saw my doc a couple of months ago and he wanted to refer me to Dr. Grubb because I am having so many problems and he can't really sort it all out like what is from POTS, what is not related, trying to get me on meds that help my POTS symptoms that I can tolerate, etc. Well, I told my doc that I had to be seen before February which is when I lose my insurance and that it would be better if I could be seen before January because then I have to pay a deductible which I really don't have the money for. Well, they called me about a month ago and told me Dr. Grubb was booked until January and would that be okay with me. I told them yes and they said that they would call me back with an appt. Well, I have been meaning to call my doc to make sure they made an appt for me but I didn 't get around to it until today. I talked to my doc's nurse and she said that she was going to call right away. Well, the whole point of this story is that she called me back about 5 minutes later and immediately before she called they had a cancellation so I got an appt for the end of September!! :) I am so excited because I am having such a hard time right now and I can't work so I haven't been able to pay bills and I am at the point of giving up, but now I feel like maybe I can get some good luck now and then. Anyway sorry for going on and on, but everyone on this forum has been so inspirational and helpful to me that I wanted to let everyone know about this!!

Have a good day,


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