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Disability Hearing Soon

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link to Mayo's article on POTS and quality of life


this article is newer, from another source, but also talks about impaired quality of life.


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Check out http://www.dinet.org/pots_an_overview.htm.

The 4th paragraph from the bottom states:

The symptoms of POTS are life altering and debilitating at times. POTS patients use about three times more energy to stand than a healthy person (Grubb, 2002). It is as if these patients are running in place all the time. Activities such as housework, bathing, and even meals can exacerbate symptoms (Grubb, Kanjwal & Kosinski, 2006). Research shows that POTS patients' quality of life is similar to those with congestive heart failure and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (Benrud-Larson, Dewar, Sandroni, Rummans, Haythornthwaite & Low, 2002) Most patients will have to make some lifestyle adjustments to cope with this disorder.

Hope that helps.


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Thanks for the links! And also the e-mails and PMs I've been getting. I really appreciate the support. I sort of drew a blank despite all the articles I've read over the years and worried I wouldn't find one with the 'disabling' wording. My own attorney kind of scratches his head when I try to explain this condition so he wanted to have a better understanding and he figures the judge is going to be clueless. According to my attorney I got a judge who is "easy," my hearing is on a Friday, and it's right before lunch time. Apparently these things are all in my favor. Of course it sounds a bit biased! I guess I'd hate to have a hearing on a Monday morning?! This has been a long time coming. I filed in 2004 and was obviously denied. In 2005, I was told I would be given a hearing but then never heard anything about it. I almost thought I was forgotten in the shuffle until my attorney's office called in December to say I was getting a court date.

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