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Passing info along on Cera Lyte

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I got some new info from Cera Lyte. Several folks had called me about

problems with getting the Cera Lyte. Please make sure your group gets the

new ordering info. Thanks, Sondra

For all those that are interested,

I called the Cera Company and confirmed the following info.

Any retail Pharmacy can order Cera Lyte, just call 410 309 1000 the Cera

Company, to order by the case or to get Cera

Sports drink. They will also help if you have a problem ordering Cera Lyte.

Web site www.Ceraproductsinc.com or check for a pharmacy near you on


Or contact Cumberland 1 877 274 7200 or (pharmacies can order Cera Lyte via

1 866 438 2372 (this number only for pharmacies)

Cumberland is their new distributor, they sell individual packets, for those

that only want small amounts of Cera Lyte, or just want to get a sample

package to try, or for those folks that just don't want a case...they can

buy less at a time.

Cera Lyte comes in various flavors, we use the plain. Cera Lyte comes in

different strengths 50, 70 and 90.

Sondra Mallow

(Mother of three with Familial Dysautonomia)

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What is Cera Lyte?? My mom has malabsorption and due to that she gets dehydrated very badly, but the problem is that if she drinks too much of one supplement or too frequently (like pedialyte) then she becomes allergic to it. Also, I am getting sick of gatorade so if you could send me some info on this (what it is, price, etc.) I would really appreciate it.



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I've never used Cera Lyte--I simply passed along the info from my friend Sondra, who used it with all three of her children who have Familial Dysautonomia. You may call the company or go to their website for more information.


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one of the links Sondra gave us doesn't work, but this one defintely does:


follow the links including "what's in for", "who's it for", and "online store" to answer your questions.

And, CVS offers it in smaller quantities than what you can buy on the Cera website:


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