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For those Familiar with Anti-Candida Diets

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This is in reference to the pervious post on candida, but sort of off-topic so I started a new thread.

I was on an anti-candida diet a few years ago, when I was having problems with yeast overgrowth, although I reverted back to my old habits and therefore I feel that I'm not doing my best with the POTS, since the diets are so similar. I would like to get back t it for a few months and see if it helps. However, I have been struggling lately because I recently found out that I am allergic to wheat/gluten and have been using different flours to replace all purpose or wheat flour. I was wondering if using these high-carb flours (potato flour, rice flour, garfava flour, etc...) could be making things worse?

I am intolerant to dairy, wheat/gluten, eggs, sugar or carbs, and for this diet I can't eat any processed meats like hot dogs or bacon, in addition to vinegar containing substances like ketchup or mayo, and no fruits for the first few weeks. My main concern is HOW to get proper nutrition from this diet? Over a long time, isn't it going to affect my overall health? I am nursing as well, so I need to make sure I get a well balanced diet. Any ideas or thoughts? I do take a multi-vitamin supplement every day but the ones I've been using contains yeast so I am going to switch once I finish this bottle.

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Sounds very much like me, except I am ok with eggs.

I've used those flours in the past, but many more people than realize it are intolerant of grains of any kind. Now I have very little grain in my diet.

I have gone for many years now with a similar diet to yours. How about a breakfast of poached fish filet plus slightly steamed fresh asparagus with a little butter and plenty of Celtic sea salt. This is very quick to prepare - trust me, I'm not a morning person and I immensely dislike cooking, so if I think it's easy, it would be super easy to most others. I also will take a few chunks of stew meat and barely cook it in my infrared oven.

I always have burger or turkey patties, sardines, tuna, salmon, and chicken available. I try to make them fresh when I can, but often end up making a bunch and freezing it for later (I don't like to microwave food, as it not only changes the texture but changes the chemical makeup.) A couple of times a month I make a big pot of chicken veggie soup from scratch, and freeze it in portions for one or two. Another good soup is just veggie, of course, but you may need more protein than that, so be sure to supplement with meat of some kind. And faux mashed potatoes (made from cauliflower) is quite good.

Once a day, I allow myself a corn or brown rice cake or Nut-Thins crackers with natural almond butter. A couple of times a week I will give in to air-popped corn with real butter and plenty of sea salt.

If you are a protein type, this can be a lifelong plan that will make you feel better, not worse. If you are a carb type, this should only be followed for a short time. Just from my own observations, it appears that the majority of us with dysautonomic conditions may be protein types living in a carb world. Once we shift to a more appropriate diet for our body's needs, we do much better. Maybe you'll find that is true for you, but the carb addiction needs to be broken before you can start to improve. I struggled with the "there is nothing for me to eat!" mindset for a while, but the longer I stayed with it, the more options I found.

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Hi Jessica, how are you? I've read a few books about anti-candida diets and what struck me was how each one was a little bit different in what they allow. What tends to help me is for dinners to eat some baked or grilled chicken. I just add olive oil, salt and whatever seasonings you choose. Then lots of veggies, salads, boiled or steamed broccoli, squash, beans, etc, etc. If you're allowed, brown rice is also a good choice for starch. For breakfast, my staple has been oatmeal. For lunch I'm big on soups. Progresso makes a good Lentil soup that doesn't add in a lot of extras (and has lots of sodium). For snacks I tend to go for nuts, especially almonds, and sometimes popcorn. Are you allowed to have corn? Corn chips with a bean or salsa dip are good too.

keep us posted on how it goes for you!


ps - for salad dressing my doctor recommended mixing flax seed oil with lemon juice, salt and pepper. Not the tastiest, but it's okay....

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Thanks so much for the meal ideas!! I went to the health food store today and stocked up on fresh, organic veggies, nuts, and lean meats. I am planning on starting this eating plan tomorrow, and my biggest fear is that I won't be able to stick with it as usual. But it's so important to me...I'm just one of those people who can't seem to keep the willpower going if I don't see immediate results.

I also picked up some Grapefruit Seed Extract which has proven to be helpful in treatment of Candida, and I've used it before when my son had thrush- it worked great with no side effects. So with that, the diet, and the pro-biotic I am hoping I can at least get some releif from this plaguing exhaustion...it's funny, but I feel like my POTS symtpoms are under control, it's the weakness and fatigue that are bringing me down. I mentioned this to the guy at the health food store and he asked me if I had considered yeast as the culprit...which I thought was interesting because I hadn't mentioned it at all to him. I'm not expecting miracles, but I am pretty sure watching what I eat is going to help me immensely! We shall see :rolleyes:

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