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Sue and Lorrell can you report on Cerefolin?

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HI...I am still doing very well on Cerefolin. About one week after starting the Cerefolin I noticed a slight nagging headace and since I am not prone to headaces, I cut the pill in half thinking it MIGHT be the Cerefolin. ( I am VERY sensitive to medication.) I take half in the morning and half at night.

It was interesting to me when I touched base with Sue regarding her experience with Cerefolin she said something about having a headache and didn't know if it was related but the new 'Neuro' she is seeing took her off...it sorta confirmed to me that perhaps my nagging headache might be the Cerefolin. I am not sure but her symptoms helped me to just 'stay alert.'

Since I have been taking half...I am not having the headache and all seems well. I think I will cut down on my b-12 shots...may be getting enough from the amount that is in the Cerefolin with the folate acid. My blood work never showed a deficiency in b-12 but doctor suspected my system was not utilizing it. With the help of the Cerefolin perhaps it is transferring into the brain now and being utlized properly. Anyway..I'll cut down on my b-12 shots and see if that helps too.

I'll keep you posted. Please keep us posted as to how your husband is doing too....thank you so much!


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Hi everyone!!

My new neurologist has taken me off the cerefolin, I was getting killer headaches that I couldn't handle. Today is day three and the headache is now gone. Still not positive it was the cerefolin but guessing it may have been. I am disappointed though it was really helping with my fatigue and energy level, we are now taking just a multi vitamin.

Hoping it helps all of you though without the headache


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