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Pain In Right Mid Abdomin After Barium Ct Scan


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As far back as my late 20s---(I'm 48 now), I was told I have a large diverticuli in my small intestine, near the jejumum and duodenum. Due to family history of cancer----brother, mother, uncle on my mother's side, it's very important for me to have testing to rule any problems.

I had the abdominal CT Monday evening at 5:00pm. I had to drink the Barium sulfite contrast which went OK---no nausea, but I did have bloating, and some slight diarrhea right after. I was told there is a laxitive effect from the barium solution sometimes.

This is kind of embarrassing, but I before the test I was quite constipated, and I know the laxitive effect did not clear my insides completely. My lower guts are slow, and I have been told this could be from a number of reasons from IBS, medications, to compression on my upper spine. Either way you look at it, I'm tired of having the misery of bloat and fullness 90% of the time.

Yesterday I started having some stabbing pains in my mid right abdomin. Now I have dull pain, bloating, and a feeling of someting stuck in my mid gut. I did all the right things as far as the instructions go after the CT. Drink lots and lots of fluids to clear out the barium. I have been doing this, but not sure if I should take some miralax due to the mid gut pain I'm having.

I hate to bother the doctor because the pain isn't severe----just annoying and uncomfortable. My concern it the diverticuli in upper small intestine. This thing has been acting up the last couple years or so, but only twice I had a severe spells with fever, and increased white count after eating some corn. It's in an odd spot---------even for older folks. A GI doc said this is not a good spot for a diverticuli, and that surgery would be difficult due to it being near the jejunum and bile ducts. However, if something did happen, and surgery was necessary, healing of resection on the small intestine verses the large intestine is usually easier. This is what I read on a study on EDS patients who have this same type of diverticuli on the small intestine. It's interesting that a certain group of EDS patients have this type of large diverticuli.

I was told three times that I have this diverticuli, about the size of a quarter-----(weather it has anything to do with my EDS is not known). First time I was in my late 20s by a gastroenterologist, then by another GI doc when he could see it from an upper endoscopy, and finally the another GI doc I saw just before being diagnosed with POTS in 2001. The last GI doc is the one who said it was in a difficult spot.

I'm wondering if the barium could have gotten into the pocket. My surgeon who is ordering the testing said it's large enough that things shouldn't get stuck, and she didn't seemed concerned. This was a while ago when we discussed this at an appointment though. I told her about corn being an absolute no no. Reason? In 1987 I ate two ears of corn, and I got so sick with bloat, severe pain and cramping, and ended up with a fever for two days. At the time I thought it was a virus. However, I actually had contractions in my gut, and it was so odd that I was so sick I felt disoriented.

I never went to the doctor, and just dealt with it. I ended up fine, but I remember I had the corn the night before. The last time I had the same type of thing happen--(late 2006), I ate some corn in vegetable soup, as there was so much of it, I couldn't avoid it. The next night, I ended up with the same type of contractions in my gut, severe pain ect. This time I don't remember a fever, but my white count was elevated to 16,000. The NP from my ANS docs office said I should go to ER for abdominal pain associated with a high white count. I told her that the severe pain had passed after I went to the bathroom, but she insisted that I either see my PCP or go to the ER. The ER doc was dismissive, and he said my WBC was back to normal, and that it was probably raised from gagging putting pressure on my spleen?????? :huh::(:blink::o:P

To me it sounds like I'm having near misses with this diverticuli, because I know this type of severe pain I had those two times is beyond my usual misery. Right now I'm not in severe pain, but I do get a little concerned. It's also annoying, as I have enough to deal with right now.

I'm curious, do any of you with EDS have any diverticuli in the small intestine? I have IBS, and I know the POTS doesnt help my guts either. I don't think the diverticuli bothers me if I eat right. From time to time I eat nuts, as the docs tell me not to worry about nuts. About half the docs tell me not to worry about things like nuts, think skinned fruits, seeds ect, and half said I need to watch out for foods with this. The surgeon said not to worry either. Howeverm she said if corn bothers me, avoid it-- ;)

I think that the problem with corn it that it is sooth, and a lot can get into the pocket at once, possibly making it difficult to pop back out-----------------as this may not be the issue with seeds, nuts, and food like it. Possibly as those are of different texture, and they are not likely to pile up all at once into the diverticuli pocket. This is just my theroy---but it sounds like it could be reliable enough to avoid corn--- :);)

Sorry this thing is long, and I do need to work on my summarizing skills.... Perhaps spelling too... :huh: I'm not doing any spelling corrections--------sorry folks---------------too tired..........

Maxine :0)

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