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Visit to Toledo

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Guest Julia59

Hi Steph,

I would be happy to meet you! I live very close to Dr. Grubb's office---about a mile or so. Michelle, that sounds pretty good----lunch or dinner. My e-mail is julia59@buckeye-express.com. I'll be seeing him in September. Hopefully he can help me control my symptoms a little better.

The heat is a killer for me this year. WHEW!

Take Care---------boy this year is going fast!

Julie :0)

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How far away do you live? I will be flying into Michigan and have to drive across Ohio near the Pennsylvania border to see my Aunt & Uncle.

Lorrell, great I will keep you posted on my plans. Just trying to figure out what days I will be where.

I literally just got an email from my Aunt saying that my brother was coming in the night before me and will be staying at her house too. I'm checking into the Hilton on 9th and will be staying for 2 nights. I'm thinking that the late afternoon or evening of the 9th or evening of the 10th might be good. We actually can do both nights for convience. I'm very much looking forward to meeting you guys, put faces to names.

Thx for all replies


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Michelle, Corina, Lorrell and anyone else that is interested,

I would like to finalize a plan to get together. I am so excited about meeting you guys. I really don't know what restraunts are in that area but am open to suggestions. Would you guys like to do dinner, coffee or just meet in the Hilton Hotel bar at the MCO on the 9th or the 10th?

I will be leaving here early on Friday and should be able to access this website from my Aunt's house.


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Steph, I'm sorry, I think I confused you, I live in the netherlands. But I would really love to meet some of you (as I call: my POTSfriends) because ican't find anyone in the netherlands and Isometimes desperately need someone who understands the way I feel. So although I'm not able to meet anyone in the nearby future I still am VERY glad I found you (my POTSfriends) on this forum.

Hope the ones of you who do meet in Toledo have a very nice time :wub:


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