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prickly feeling in feet

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sorry...my posting got away from me!

I was wondering if anyone has had a prickly sensation in their feet. It is like walking on needles....not unbearable but different.

Can anyone explain this type of symptom. I have been diagnosed with POTS/EDS.

Prior to this I was diagnosed with CFS.

These symptoms are new to me. I did look up past postings but would still like to hear from any of you who have had similiar symptoms.

Thank you!


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Hi Lorrell

I guess you could call it a prickly feeling, hmm not sure. When I am outside my skin and the hairs on my skin almost feel like I am on fire!!! I never really had that before, I am thinking I just can't tolerate any kind of heat now. I am seeing a neurologist today for the first time am going to mention it to him and see what he thinks. will let you know


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Definitely mention it to your neurologist. I know that a friend of mine who's a diabetic describes similar sensations in her hands and feet...which is called diabetic neuropathy. Not sure how much neuropathies are a POTS symptom, although if you skim down the "symptom" list on DINET, you'll see that numbness and tingling is on there.


Nina B)

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