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Autonomic Testing Results


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I just received the report from my testing. The doctor that did it--well, doesn't have an advanced lab. He Is the only one in my city who even tests for this. He did the testing and sent the results to my optho-neuro who really isn't sure what she's reading. She has stuck with me through most of the 2 1/2 years of the this illness. She is open-minded and eager to help.

I'm wondering if anyone knows what these results mean. I've been researching on-line all day and can't make sense of anything.

Deep breathing--heart rate variability 15 beats/min abnormal less that or equal to 10

Valsalva 1.4 abnormal less than or equal to 1.36

Blood pressure changes

Supine 97/59 HR 64/min

Tilt 80 degrees

5 min 85/56 HR 92/min

LF(low frequency of the spectrum power density, .03-0.14 Hz) Primarily a marker of sympathetic activity

Hf(high frequency of the spectrum power density, 0.14-0.4Hz) Marker of parasympathetic activity

This is an abnormal ANS evaluation revealing mild to moderate adrenergic dysfunction with preserved parasympathetic activity. A similar result can be seen in the presence of adrenergic blocking agents and in hypovolemia. Increasing fluid uptake and salty diet may improve adrenergic responce. Florinef and midodrine are drugs often used in primary adrenergic dysfunction. Sympathomimetic drugs that act primarily on heart rate may accentuate sense of dizziness.

Well that's all I have to work with and I'm totally confused. Another thing--while reading posts, one person said that people over 50 don't have POTS--or it goes away before 50. I thought that this was something that we have to live with forever and the symptons can worsen. Can anyone help???

Thank you,


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I am not real familiar with everything here, but I will try to help.

For the Valsalva and Deep breathing those look normal. Good!

Your bp went down... I think that kinda falls under the Neurocardiogenic Syncope?

Your HR went up, no quite tachy (over 100) and not quite an increase of 30 bpm (which is required for POTS? diagnosis).

I have no idea about the adrenegic testing stuff.

So, overall though it looks like they think your adrenergic response is impaired. Also, may have low blood volume (hypovolumia), so they recommended high salt and fluid diet.

The over 50 thing, I think that it means that by that time a significant portion of people out grow it by then but many can still have it. Everyone is different and it is dependent on the underlying reasons for the disorder.

So, to try to help with symptoms it looks like they want to try florinef and midodrine first.

Hope this helps! ;)

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