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Infections Virus Etc.


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I was just curious , do others here find it's hard for them to get rid of infections or viruses?

It seems whenever I get sick it takes longer than normal to get rid of these things. My brother and aunt had a stomach virus and they got rid of theirs.

Then I got something and

at first it seemed vague. I was just kind of sick, but then eventually I got really sick and figured it was the same virus they had but it stayed with me. I went to the doctor and she even gave me antibiotics because she thought it was a bacterial infection. But then after the five days of antibiotic I still had whatever it was. I still feel sick now, about a month after it started, but it seems like the fever has gone down and the symptoms are a little better. I 'm not even sure what it is.

This seems to happen whenever I get "something" It takes a while to develop and then it stays with me for a long time. I see other people i know get sick , then they're sick bad for a few days and then they have a few days recovering.

I was just wondering if anyone else had a similar problem to mine. Whenever you just seem to have a harder time fighting things and have them a longer time than normal. One time a doctor said I didn't have a virus or infection cause it wouldn't last over a month. But then what was it.

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People with POTS or other forms of dysautonomia are going to have their colds for a longer period of time just because there body already isnt functioning properly so add a virus to that and your gonna not recover too quickly...so that is normal for us, but it sure does stink!!!!

Thanks. it helps to know that I'm not alone on this.:huh:

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Guest tearose

Oh yes, it can take a long time for this funky body to get back to a baseline after a virus!

I have been on an antibiotic for this past week for a bladder infection that I first got in August...

I have been in rag-doll mode since August.

I take one step forward, then another, then I am behind three! My body has just started with new symptoms of popping blood vessels in fingers and toes and I am having a feeling of euphoria...now is my kidney acting up I wonder? is it my ans just fighting the bacteria? do I have a new virus on top of everything else? When will I finally be over this?

who knows?

:huh: we seem to go along for a while doing okay and then when we get "something" bam, it sends our body into a spin!

you are not alone,


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I have had a cold/cough/laryngitits thing for over 3 weeks. This is my first illness since POTS and I can't believe how long it has lingered. I am on round two of antibiotics and am using an inhaler. These are both firsts for me. I truly believe that the POTS affects the healing process. Hang in there!

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I agree. I got some sort of a bug or something this past Monday and today is the first day I've felt half way normal again.


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