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Vitamin D

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Is low vitamin D a POTS thing? I've never heard that, I guess. I think it might be a not-going-outside-enough thing. I know our bodies make it when we're exposed to sunshine. People in northern climates have a harder time getting enough. I've read that some doctors are rethinking the always-wear-sunscreen advice because people aren't making enough vitamin D.

I guess I don't really know! I'm not sure that I've ever been tested for it.


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I too have VERY low vit. D.... I've read that it's common with EDS (which I have... BIG TIME). My mom also read online that it is thought to be an epidemic? Don't qoute me on that one though.

Yes... It is tested by blood... My levels were basically none exsistant... And my pain was even worse than it usuallly is (which is downright miserable). Even my hair hurt.

I take 2000 IUD of vit D (just v D)... Mary.... I don't know if you're taking enough... Talk to your doctor. My pcp, looked it up first and then started me on 1000 IU... Then I went up to 2000 IUDs.

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yep its a blood test. I dont quite remember if it was a POTS thing, or POTS with pain thing......as the way i got POTS was through an ankle injury that still isnt healed and have pain there. Now that i think of it it may have been the POTS and intense ankle pain that led my doc to investigate my vitamin D levels, however im not sure one that on.

I think it probably does have to do with that i like to stay indoors more with heat issues and such. However i work at an apple orchard on the weekends and i am outside alot there, so im not sure. I myself am thinking that i might have eds, however i only think this from reading about other people's symptoms and so i trust my doctor and if he hasnt brought it up as an issue, once and hopefully once my pots is cleared up...if my foot and that kind of pain i will investigate further, until then its not a good idea.

I will send my doctor an email after talking to my mother, if she thinks its ok, and ask if maybe my dosage needs to be higher on the vitamin D and see if that would help with the pain in my ankle as well.

thanks for the help, have a good night!


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I was diagnosed with a vit D deficiency.

I don't take supplements but make sure to get sunlight, I feel much better the more sun I get. And I especially notice a big change in my digestion for the better after being out in direct sunlight, such as sitting on my deck on a sunny day. I have less gastroparesis and constipation, it is a noticable difference and repeated experience each time I've stay out for a long period in the sun, where it brings me almost to the point of sunburn.

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That's interesting! But, yeah with everyone, not just people with POTS, probably a lot of people are some what deficient due to people's diets and sun exposure etc. But, I could see where this with everything else could add up to possibly worsen some symptoms. I just had more blood tests, I don't know if they tested this. But, just another reason to eat better and take a multivitamin! :)

I do wonder though how if you take some daily that you are still low, or less it isn't enough.

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