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Weird Symptoms


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Hi All,

When my symptoms flare, I've had some weird symtoms. Sometimes, my vision dims. It's like the lights are half way on. Also, the bottoms of my feet burn like crazy. Anyone else?


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Doesn't it seem like ALL the dysautonomia symptoms are weird? But outside of the normal 'funk' that we're all afflicted with, I get intermittent additional bazaar symptoms during an episode like:

-all over body tremor

-yeast rash (inexplicably pops up after an acute episode...always in different places)

-severe depression the day after an episode

Hey, while we're on the topic of weirdness, does anyone wake up in the middle of the night expelling one huge cough? Like a blast of air? Accompanied with severe nausea where you feel like you're going to vomit that very second?

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You are not alone with either of those symptoms. There are medications a neurologist can prescribe to help with the burning and you may want to go to a neuro-opthamologist to check out your eyes. Unfortunately I've been told there is nothing I can do about my vision but from the doctor's standpoint my eyes are healthy.


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Yes "the lights dim" for me too. Sometimes I feel like my eyes are being pushed out of my head. Regarding the middle of the night thing- that just happened to me. I woke up in the middle of the night and thought oh my I am about to throw up. I eventuall fell back to sleep and was fine the next day. I think the pots symptoms are so varied. That is why I always come on this site and check with others. It makes me feel less crazy.

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It affects my vision too. It freaks me out. Sometimes my visions dims, sometimes its blurry, here lately sometimes things look like silly putty. I am not sure things looking like silly putty has anything to do with being switched from lexapro to celexa or not, I didn't have that kind of visual disturbance until celexa.

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