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Need Soft Food Ideas Please


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Hi all!

I just got braces yesterday and my teeth are SO sore!! I can't eat anything really....even oatmeal was too hard for me. Yogurt is okay, but not with any fruit chunks in it. I bought some protein RTD shakes, and my husband got me some chunkless soups today (tomato, cream of broccoli, etc).

I was wondering if any of you have any ideas for some fairly healthy, yet quite mushy and soft food. I can't live on RTD's, but I am too sore to chew anything at all. Any suggestions would be wonderful! =)

BTW...I don't know if POTs make having the braces worse or not, but goodness it's not fun!

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Hi Lauren,

Sorry you're in pain.

Here are some more soft foods. They're not all super healthy, but it's better than no food!

- ice cream/soy ice cream

- pudding (homemade is the absolute best, plus you can put in less sugar that way)

- jello (you can try substituting applesauce for part of the water - it's actually pretty good!)

- smoothie (You can blend up ice, juice, yogurt, berries, or whatever you want for a healthy, but nice and soft food. If you freeze banana's then you can use them instead of ice, making a rich, filling, and healthy meal.)

I hope you feel better soon.



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Hi Lauren,

I remember the pain of my braces -owwww! Usually they take a week or two to settle down when they are first fitted, then every time they are adjusted another day or two but in-between wasn't painful.

For savoury food have you thought about scrambled eggs, mashed potato (packet variety is even softer than home-made), cereals wheetabix left to soak in milk, crisps - skips/quavers/wotsits will sort of dissolve in your mouth without chewing.

Hope you're feeling better soon,


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Sorry to hear you are so sore. When my son got his, he hurt for several days. We have a magic bullet and ground up all of his food so he wouldn't have to chew. He got to eat his regular foods and still maintain his diet. You might want to try the blender or food processor. He also ate all the other things mentioned pudding, ice cream, yogurt and soups...but with the ground up food he just had to swallow..no chewing needed. Looks gross, but works well.

Good luck.


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I had braces and lived on soft scrambled eggs and Spaghettios. They just kinda slide down. :lol: Ice cream made the pain worse for me.

Edited to add...

Piece of advice: When you go to have them tightened, (like once a month or so) go RIGHT THEN to McDonald's or wherever it is you like to eat and eat a big meal. Right after they're tightened, you can still eat, but later and especially the next morning... OUCH!

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