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painful thigh cramps


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Does anyone get these? I usually get them pre and during menses. No relief from motrin. I usually use a heating pad but only get some relief while the pad is on me. I have used heat to the point of blistering. When rubbing my fingers over my thighs I feel my muscle and I feel knots. I call them 'cigar knots' cause they feel like cigar stogies... The cramps are painful. I also massage my thighs deeply but that only provides relief until I quit. Any suggestions? Mary

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Have you tried just plain aspirin (without caffeine)? That's the only thing that makes a difference for me. Usually only one dose, taken at the first sign of discomfort, wipes it out for me - occasionally 2 doses are needed, but that's rare.

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Hi Mary,

One thing that helps with cramps is a combo of calcium and magnesium. I suggest the kind that dissolves in water because it absorbs easier. Some people add potassium also. Try CALMAC by Nutrina or something similiar. Take it before bedtime because it can make you sleepy. Just FYI, the pills do not work as well as the dissolving powders.


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