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Low Dhea Level And Hormones Contributing To Pots?


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:) i am so atressed out with this whole pots thing along with all the symptoms. ive had pots for almost 2 years now..i go to an endocrinologist due to an elevated prolactin level ...which is now normal and my mri showed no more enlarged pituitary gland BUT and theres always a but,,,, i have consistently low DHEA levels and im only 23...i know my level is suppose to be high at my age and its rather low....all my other hormone test are always coming back normal.....so i have to keep being retested (cortisol aTHC) all that junk....nothing so far......why does this happen in young women? my moods are all over the place tooo.. when im emotoinal im VERY emotional....almost crazy lol/// i also am tired but extremly anxious at the same time....ughhhhhh and all this can explain pots but i never get a solid answer....can severe anxiety over years cause low DHEA in a young woman? i need advice i know this is a controversial topic
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Hey Nikigrl--you and I had a dialogue on this before...


I think your doctor needs to answer your concerns about DHEA levels and symptoms. I don't think anyone can explain your lab results/symptoms on the internet.

Unfortunately there are not a lot of "solid answers" for POTS at this time.

Hang in there,


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