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Sudden Drop And Shakes


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Hello Everyone,

I took a nap this afternoon and woke up to get dressed for dinner out with our family. When I arrived to get the whole group together and was sitting in the chair, suddenly I started sweating, shaking, my pressure dropped and I felt like I was going to jump out of my skin. It was the worse it quite a while. My grandchildren were there and alot of activity was going on around me but I've dealt with that before. This was different. I even felt like I was there but not there. Hope this all makes sense to someone. I had to get my husband to take me home because I knew I'd not make it out to dinner. After laying down for a while I feel better but still not right. Has anyone else experienced an episode like this????? Thanks to all. :unsure:

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Yes I have had these before----I call them out of body experiences, they are terrible.

Everyone even sounds funny if I'm around a lot of people----------like an echo. Sometimes I get tunnel vision.

One time I had tunnel vision so bad it felt like I was looking through a peep hole in a door. I was still working at the time, and I went into my office to handle some paper work after being off for a month. It was my first real outing since I crashed with my POTS, and other fun health issues. I thought I would stroll down the hallway and say high to some of my working collegues, and I felt like I was talking weird, and so were the people I was talking to. Then it was the grey tunnel vision. I went to sit at my desk quickly, finished the paper work, and cried the whole way home. My husband drove........I could never imagine driving there myself.

About two weeks later I started to come around a little, and I did not get any more of those until two months later, and that is when my heart flipped out too-----------I thought I was going to die. Two weeks after that Dr. Grubb told me I have POTS after a tilt table test was done.

Maxine :0)

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That is exactly how I felt!!!! Everyone even said I looked weird. It is so frustrating because people don't understand. One of my daughters thinks I'm upset (she says because of the way my eyes look). I've tried to explain it to them, but they don't get it. That was the worst one I've had in my 5 year experience with this disease. They are getting more frequent and the doctor is saying that my symtoms are looking more and more like I'm going into Pure Autonomic Failure now. Thank you so much for replying. I really felt last night like I was going to die. This morning I am very very tired and my head hurts. I still feel weird and know that today will be a in the bed day. I wonder what triggers this type of episode??????? Anyway, thank you for sharing with me and it will be nice to see if others have had the same experience as we have had. Cathy

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Hi cathy

I have been having episodes exactly the same as you have described.

I have these quite frequently, at the time it is happening i ( i have sat now for quite a while trying to find the words to describe my experience!!!)

I start to tremor then my limbs start to shake , i feel that energy is dropping out of me , my vision rapidly goes blank, its not that i cant see its that there is nothing in my mind telling me to see!!! sorry that sounds wierd.

I can just about distuinguish that people are around me and the kids have said that i have answered there question , just about and that i look odd, Thanks kids.

My head feels tooo heavy for my neck.

After laying down it does eventually wear off but this is happening a lot just recently.

My consultant has also mentioned PAF and my other symptoms have deterioated rapidly as well.

I cant help you with what is causing it but i just wanted to let you know that it could possibly be just another symptom we may have to deal with.

I know it reassured me when i read your post .

Hope you get some answers soon. take it easy and have a nice day in bed.

Maggy x

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My husband says he can tell when I am potsy by looking at my eyes. Other people have mentioned that they thought I had a vision problem! The worst is when you are shaky and wobbly and people ask if you had a few too many drinks with breakfast. If only they new that the last thing I would add to this body is a mind altering beverage! Have you changed meds or diet recently? Hang in there!

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Just had it happen to me today at lunch. I take my proamitine morning, lunch and 5pm. I was at lunch with a new client and she was talking to me and I was nodding my head. And all of a sudden I felt dizzy, spacey and like I was not there (out of body kind of thing). I had to stop and take my medicine. Luckily she was very understanding but I hate it because all of a sudden go just go stupid.

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