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Virus Link To Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?


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Just saw this online and it is being reported in many newspapers...maybe since may of us have dx of CFS as well maybe this research will lead a finding for dysautonomia

It is sort of a long article so I just put in link.

Virus Link To Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?


Very interesting

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Hmmm...this looks similar to an article somebody posted here yesterday from ABC news.


What I can NOT figure out is...I started reading on CFS in the late 80's, used to get the CFIDS Chronicle for a decade...and yet, CFS groups and docs have many clashes and still no real recognition.

Yet, I now see commercials for FM (Fibromyalgia) all over the tv!?!?

So what do the FM groups know, that the CFS group does not.

Though since 1985 I have had CFS but in the 90's pain issues that showed FM and flares of that. So it all overlaps.

PERSONALLY I think my CFS is ANS RELATED as I look back over my childhood, I had ans issues THEN. Thus it's my cause of fatigue.

now folks with PERFECTLY normal ANS and CFS, come under a different angle so of course, it's very complicated. I have read of cytokines, Substance P and other issues that confuse things more...Still, a name change of CFS would be a good start but they have griped about that for 10 years.

So as somebody elsewhere said..so much time, so LITTLE progress with getting CFS recognized. It's a drag having chronic mono like symptoms.....as you probably know as well.

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Yea ooops sorry (blush) I did look to see if someone else had posted it and totally missed it.

I agree with all you said.

And it seems over and over they say ooooh we have maybe found the cause of CFS or dysautonomia but then is the well we don;t have any treatments but this is a step in the right direction..yessssss but come on find a treatment!

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Yea, it is all frustrating...problems with the CDC and all sorts of things.

THEN if you do a google on FM, some think the commercials are about selling stuff so I am ALL confused.

Is it about the ILLNESS or helping the drug industries.

or both.



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