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Rough Day


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It is funny the way the slightest changes can affect our bodies. I feel best when my heart rate is in the 60's and my bp is 130 something over 90 something. Today I dont know how high my heart rate got but I could tell it was up and when I sat down and checked it, it was 88. 88 doesn't sound that high but it makes me feel so tired. 60's work best for me. I am on proamitine and it is working well. But I wonder if I also need something for the adrenalin rushes?


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Adrenaline is a big problem. My doc suggested a tredmill 10 minutes to burn out the adrenalin from the blood stream.

It's really strange that 88 bothers you. Maybe it is up and down and you catch an 88 type moment...is it a stable reading? Try taking it a few times to make sure. Sometimes when I feel racing heart rate, the first reading shows something normal, next (1 minute later) shows 190, next 60, next 80, next 150, etc.

Good luck!

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