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Wonderful T-shirts


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I have just recieved my t-shirt that i ordered from this site,

When i first saw them here i thought it was a wonderful idea to raise awareness and to support with raising money.

I really do love th shirt and i want to thank all of you who have gone to the trouble of producing these.

My problem is that i am having real trouble reading the information on the back.

I find it very hard to distinguish the blue from the green writing.

I am not complaining at all, i have shown other non potsy people who have said that it is ok.

My quetion is....Has anybody else had trouble withreading it or is it just me?

I have had problems in the past with visual disturbances, but before i go back to consultant to mention the problem i just wanted to check if it was a pots thing and other people also found it difficult to read or if its just another one of my many wierd symptoms.

Thanks Maggy

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The original design had a nice contrasting blue/green scheme, and it was designed by one of our members and voted on by all of our forum members who wanted to participate in the vote. While not significant, I, like you, noticed that a small percentage of the original contrast was lost in printing. That happens sometimes.


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I agree with Michelle, I think that there may have been a small lost in contrast, but the overall is still a great product. I know that when I worn mine that people have been able to read it as they have asked my about it.

Glad you like your T-shirt! :angry:


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I have recently been to the optician and it has been discovered that i have problems with my eyes that has been caused possibly by nerve damage.

The reason i wrote this was because when i saw the T shirts it was the first time i had noticed that i coul not see things as clearly as others.

I wondered if this was a POTS thing and maybe some other people with pots noticed this or if it was just me.

My Husband and children could all distinguish the difference between the colours .

Any way it seems that it maybe is just me that has got this problem, another symptom to add to the list!!!!

Anyway thanks for the imput and thanks for the T shirt at least others will be able to read up and understand our condition a bit more.

thanks again

Maggy x

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