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Came Up With Fab Idea For My Charity ...........


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Hello , well I've been thinking a lot lately whilst I've been stuck in bed having a rather nasty POTS few days .

I will not say which channel , but I am in contact with a TV channel and am about to do ( Via one of its bosses ) a presentation on behalf of my charity .

I have designed some jewellery , not costume but diamond and gem set original designs which if made by this company will be on the net for sale soon , the boss I spoke to was all for it and has suggested I have a monthly spot of sale a design in with an amount going straight to the charity from every sale I make .

My first design is a pendent which is of an item from our garden ...........made of 9ct gold set with a green gem ( emerald, Russian diopside or green beryl ) and a red gem ( ruby , sapphire or garnet ) in a special way I have also written what the item stands for as it is for 'the family'

My second item is a bit harder to design as I want two have two colours available one with diamonds and pink sapphires and one with diamonds and blue sapphires , for a girl and a boy . The idea is that the pendents can be joined from a hidden clip at the back of each one , so for instance , if you had a daughter then a son , you could have a pendent with a pink section first then a blue underneath ...........have another son , another blue part .

My only problem is what happens if someone has 12 kids or 3 sets of twins or adopts 38 kids and more , OMG that rather along pendent to wear !

I'm also hoping to add to this earrings with both boy and girl colours or just one coloured items again.

I must admit I haven't designed any jewellery since my step-daughters pendent some 10 years ago , made from white gold with bright blue topaz and diamond stones , it was a blue 'J' set into a diamond heart and exclusively for her, a one off never to be repeated item , she was so delighted with it .

So , if I pull this off you should be able to see some of my work on TV soon , going out to the UK , USA and Germany .

This will not only help the image of the channel and crease its sales , but you will be able to buy an item especially designed by myself and signed by me for CHSW which in turn will and increase the amount of money paid into my hospices bank each month , so we will all win .

As I said to the charity's boss last week , 'I may not be able to do coffee mornings , bring and buy sales , cream teas , marathons and all the normal type things us little old ladies do for charities :P but bring on the 'big boys' let me let my imagination run riot and I will come up with idea's even you hadn't thought of '

And this is one of them , our own charities jewelry designer selling items on the telly , OMG better loose the fat and the 6 double chins before any of the telly stuff . :(

I'm rather excited by this , so much so that I'd better be careful or I''ll go overboard with' Pots' again , soon .

Bye for now love Ami .

P.S if you have any idea's based around items that are for the family or child based , drop me a line and I'll have a go for you , I'll send back your ideas via your own home email account so dont forget to include this for drawings ......AMI

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the sign-language idea is good but you might have problems selling in several countries as the sign languages are different. In the UK girl is stroking your cheek with index finger (supposed to show thesoft female face) and boy is the index rubbing briskly under the chin (supposed to indicate stubble!!).

But you may find some internationally recognised symbols that could be turned into jewellery - I'll try to put my thinking cap on for you Ami.


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Thank you for your replies guys ,

Thanks also for the suggestions , I have just finished 4 designs which are ;

1: ( Holding on to your heart pendent ) A large ruby heart with white gold and diamonds criss crossed over it .

2: (The tree of life pendent ) A gold tree with branches ,emerald leaves and ruby hearts at the end of them.

3: ( Forever in my heart ,lapel pin ) A small heart with ruby's all around and the centre is pave' pink sapphires.

4:( mummies or Daddy's little angel) A angel pendent with pave' diamond wings, pave' orange sapphire dress and white gold detailing .

All are for my charity , should be at a very good price when made , are not over the top and dont look like a charity item .

I for one definitely want the big heart with diamonds running over it .............possibly make the earrings as well now .

Well I'd better get back to the drawing board again ............this is so much fun .


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